Stuck With Lockdown? These 5 Apps Will Help You Get A New Job Right Away!

Stuck With Lockdown? These 5 Apps Will Help You Get A New Job Right Away!
Stuck With Lockdown? These 5 Apps Will Help You Get A New Job Right Away!

Finding good jobs was never an easy task. The ongoing market uncertainty and volatility has now made this more challenging. Nonetheless, there is help at hand through the five apps outlined below.

Besides helping youngsters find gainful projects and part-time or full-time jobs, these apps help users check out the prospects and work culture at specific places. Or upskill themselves to augment their skill-sets and chances of finding suitable employment opportunities.

Here are the five apps to make job hunting worthwhile:

1.       GigIndia: The platform provides meaningful employment gig or part-time work to young job seekers for functions such as marketing, sales, operations, recruitment and more. As a gig platform, it allows flexibility for freelancers. GigIndia works with both large enterprises and startups, thereby enabling youngsters to indirectly work with the best in the business. By assisting students, freelancers and unemployed or out-of-work persons find remunerative part-time or full-time project-based assignments, it assists in filling both supply-side and demand-side shortfalls. To date, it has completed 3.5 million gigs.

2.       LinkedIn: It is the world’s number one professional networking and career development site. LinkedIn allows users to upload their resume, search for jobs and establish their professional credentials by interacting with other people and posting updates. Although the site is free, a subscription-based version, LinkedIn Premium, offers these users extra features such as online classes and seminars. Insights are also offered on who is searching and viewing users’ profiles.

3.       Indeed: Touted as the world’s No.1 job site, it claims 250 million unique monthly visitors searching for jobs across the globe. This ensures employers access to a wider talent pool in every field. Three-fourths of its job searches are done from mobile devices. Through the site, job seekers are allowed free access to search for jobs, posting resumes and researching companies. Daily, it connects millions of people to new opportunities.

4.       upGrad: The platform helps people upskill themselves or learn new skill-sets, making them more attractive to recruiters and increasing their employment opportunities. As an online higher education platform, it provides industry-centric programs that are designed and taught in collaboration with industry partners and renowned faculty. Though a paid program, upGrad offers free courses of a few hours for beginners to understand a part of its learning experience. The courses cover Data Science, Business Basics, Marketing, Machine Learning and more.

5.       Glassdoor: A website for existing and ex-employees to leave reviews about their current or former workplaces, it helps prospective job seekers find work with companies having a more transparent and compatible culture. The platform permits its users to submit reviews anonymously, preventing the fear of retaliation. Also, one can check salary levels in companies while searching and applying for jobs on the platform. Thereby, aspiring candidates can make informed choices about wanting to work at a particular place or not based on relevant insights. 

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