Maharashtra Gives Free Vaccine For All; These States Giving Free Vaccines For Every Adult

Maharashtra State Minister, Nawab Malik on Sunday said that the government is going to vaccinate all the citizens of its state free of cost.

Free Vaccines To The Citizens Of Maharashtra

He told about the discussion of mass vaccination during the last cabinet meet and regarding the same nod has been given regarding the same by the Deputy CM and FM Ajit Pawar.

He added that in order to execute the herculean task of mass vaccination, work has already started and the government is inviting global tenders and the procurement of the best and cheap medicine shall be started at the earliest.

67,160 new coronavirus cases were reported in state of Maharashtra, which is a little more than what were reported a day before, 66836.

The center which has kickstarted the “liberalized” policy of vaccination for all citizens above 18 years of age being eligible. The state governments as well as the private hospitals have been allowed to purchase the vaccines from the manufacturers.

As per the rules of central government, a vaccine manufacturer is free to supply 50% doses to state governments as well as the open market, post declaring the price before May 1.

Currently, two vaccines, CoviShield and Covaxin are being given as a part of covid19 vaccination drive which kicked off on January 16.

Other States Which Are Giving Free Vaccines For All

List of states giving out free vaccinations to their citizens:

  • Odisha
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Kerala
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Bihar
  • Madhya Pradesh

The states of Gujarat, Odisha and Rajasthan also declared free vaccines for Covid19.

Odisha has made it free for those between 18 and 44. Gujarat and Rajasthan have made vaccinations free for the 18-45 age group.

Odisha, which plans to vaccinate around 2 crore people aged 18-44 free of cost, has spend Rs 2,000 crore for the purpose. CM Naveen Patnaik said that the orders for the procurement of these vaccines has already been placed. The state has placed an order of procurement for 377 lakh doses of Covishield vaccine.

In order to cover the beneficiaries between the age group of 18-45 for the vaccination drive which will kick off from May 1, Gujarat government will procure one crore doses of Covishield and 50 lakh doses of Covaxin.

Rajasthan has spend Rs 3,000 crore in order to cover the cost of two doses to its 3.75 crore people who fall in the age group of 18-45, said CM Ashok Gehlot

In addition to these states, the states of Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Kerala Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are among others that have announced free vaccinations.

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