Domino’s Will Start Pizza Delivery By Drones In This City: How It Works?

Domino's Will Start Pizza Delivery By Drones In This City: How It Works?
Domino’s Will Start Pizza Delivery By Drones In This City: How It Works?

Imagine your pizza being delivered to you by a drone! This is no longer a distant dream – Domino’s Pizza and Nuro Inc has announced that a robotic pizza delivery system will be launched in Houston this week. 

This system has been introduced in order to cater to the increasing demand for online orders for pizza. 

Read on to find out how this works!

Nuro Inc And Domino’s Pizza Collaborate To Delivery Pizzas Through Drones

Domino’s Pizza Inc and Nuro Inc have announced that they will be launching a robot-based pizza delivery system in Houston. Nuro Inc is a Silicon Valley start-up and has surpassed every other autonomous vehicle start up and gained regulatory approvals. The company has also won the US clearance last year which allows the company to start unmanned delivery services. 

As per Cosimo Leipold, Nuro’s head of partner relations, the delivery service of pizza by drone will make its debut at a Dominos outlet in Houston and will further expand two other locations, under a long-term partnership between the two firms. 

As per a statement emailed by Leipold, it’s quite difficult for large companies to hire a sufficient number of drivers to fulfill the demand for deliveries. 

This Isnt Nuro’s First Stint; Had Plans For Robotic Pizza Delivery System In 2019

Nuro has already partnered with multiple retailers to deliver groceries and prescriptions. Some of these retailers include Kroger Co, Walmart Inc, and CVS Health Corp. Leipold has also confirmed that its weekly deliveries went up by almost three times in the first three months of the pandemic. 

Additionally, Houston is the fourth largest city in the US and has one of the country’s highest road fatality rates. As per Leipold, these roadways have created challenging scenarios for their technology to work with. 

In 2019, Nuro and Domino’s had expected to launch the robot based pizza delivery system later the same year. As per Leipold, “Nuro and Domino’s have taken a measured approach to prioritize a smooth and safe deployment.”

Nuro Inc was founded in 2016, by two former Google engineers, and the company has raised $940 from the SoftBank Vision Fund. The total valuation of Nuro Inc is more than $5 billion, after the company secured $500 million, which included an equity investment from Woven Capital, the mobility investment arm of a Toyota Motor Corp subsidiary. 

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