This Big Cloud Company Asking Only Vaccinated Employees To Work From Office

Salesforce will allow vaccinated employees to join cohorts of 100 or fewer people who can rejoin office.

Salesforce has become one of the first American companies that will give preferential treatment to Covid-vaccinated employees in the US.

Salesforce has attracted special attention with this move since it is the largest employer in the city of San Francisco, California (global tech hub Silicon Valley).

The First ‘Cohorts’

It has announced that those workers that have received inoculation will be allowed to return to offices. 

These workers can volunteer to join groups or “cohorts” of 100 or fewer who will be working from its San Francisco, Palo Alto and Irvine offices in California.

The offices will be opening in mid-May.

These first volunteers will have to provide proof of vaccination.

Stages Of Reopening

Salesforce will be following a phased reopening in which “offices will gradually reopen from 20% to 75% capacity”.

  • 1st Stage:

This is restricted to US regions where Covid risk ratings are determined to be “flat or decreasing”.

Here, only those fully vaccinated can join volunteer-comprised cohorts of a maximum of 100 people.

They will be restricted to certain dedicated floors and will still have to take Covid tests twice a week.

  • 2nd Stage:

On the basis of developing Coronavirus news, non-vaccinated people will also be gradually trickling in.

They will first comprise 20% of total capacity, rising to 75%.

  • 3rd And Final Stage:

An office will fully reopen when local active caseload is 1 per 1000 people with a <1% positivity rate.

5 Salesforce offices including one in Sydney are already in this stage.

Active Measures In Place

The offices will have on-site Covid testing equipment for employees to undergo testing 2x a week.

Other hygiene measures include temperature scanning, plexiglass barriers on desks, air purifiers and non-touch handles. 

Salesforce has also said that workers will now have the choice of “hybrid or permanent remote-working model” extended till year end.

How Other Firms Are Coping

Microsoft and Uber have reopened their offices. 

Other firms have made vaccinations compulsory to rejoin the workplace. 

Norwegian Cruise Line Holding Ltd has made it a requirement for its crew and passengers to be vaccinated before resuming operations. 

The cruise industry is currently under a ‘No Sail’ order issued by the US government since the pandemic broke out last year.

With these measures they are hoping to convince the US health authorities to lift the ban in July which could revive a battered industry. 

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