Buying A New House? Get 15% Tax Rebate If You Are Vaccinated In This City!

North MCD, Delhi will offer a property tax rebate to those whose family members are vaccinated.

North Municipal Corporation of Delhi (North MCD) has observed that about 25-30% of tax base households in the jurisdiction that are tech-savvy pay their property taxes in advance by June 30 every year. 

In order to incentivise and encourage this lot to get vaccinated, the North MCD has opted to offer a tax rebate.

15% + 5% Tax Rebate

Currently a 15% tax rebate is rewarded to residential owners in North MCD areas who complete timely payment of annual taxes.

They qualify if they pay their property tax in a lump sum by June 30, 2021. 

An additional 5% rebate in property tax can be availed for this fiscal year by households who can provide proof that family members currently eligible for vaccination have been inoculated 

The deadline to benefit from this scheme is June 30, 2021.

How The Public Benefits

With this move the government also achieves its objective of spreading “awareness of property tax rebates and schemes to those who are tax defaulters”, as put by North MCD Mayor Jai Prakash.

A single inoculated family member is enough to qualify the entire household to avail the tax benefit provided vaccine documentation can be furnished. 

Through this scheme, the government also seeks to promote and boost the ongoing Covid immunization drive amid a deadly surge of a second wave. 

This offer applies to residents of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) jurisdiction. 

The Capital Battles Corona

Delhi has enforced strict restrictions given the ceaseless surge of fresh Covid cases and fatalities.

Metro buses, restaurants and bars are allowed to operate only at 50% capacity.

Colleges and coaching institutions remain shut.

A maximum capacity of 50 people at weddings and 20 people at funerals has been mandated. 

Gyms and pools are accessible only by those training for national or international events. 

Social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural and religious gatherings have all been prohibited. 

Those entering Delhi from Maharashtra via air travel will have to furnish a negative  RT-PCR report. 

Those unable to do so will have to complete a 14-day quarantine. 

Corona Patients Under Home Isolation Can Be Asked To Pay Rs 25,000 Bond In This City, learn more.

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