Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto Will Start From This Date: Check Full List Of Routes, Destinations

Beginning Apr 10-15, Shatabdi, Duronto and Hamsafar trains will be running throughout the week.

Northern Railways will start operating the Shatabdi, Duronto and Humsafar trains from April 10-15.

Only those with confirmed tickets will be allowed travel. As always Covid protocols will need to be adhered to such as mask wearing at all times and social distancing. 

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal had tweeted the news and said that the move was made keeping in mind passenger safety, comfort and convenience despite the deadly second wave of the Covid contagion gripping India presently. 

4 Shatabdi and Hamsafar trains will be resuming services and Duronto will have 2 trains each 

Services of 71 unreserved trains are already underway since Apr 5.

Follow The Routes:

  • 02013/14 New Delhi to Amritsar Shatabdi Express Special-  will operate daily.
  • 04051/52 New Delhi to Daurai Shatabdi Express Special- will operate daily.
  • 04053/54 New Delhi to Amritsar Shatabdi Express Special- will operate only on Thursdays
  • 02046/45 Chandigarh to New Delhi Shatabdi Express Special- will operate all days except Wednesday.
  • 02265/66 Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jammu Tawi Duronto Express Special- will operate on  Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday or Wednesday and Saturday.

Other outlets have reported that all zonal railways were ordered by the Railway Board to start making arrangements to restart operations of 90% of trains that ran pre-Covid by Apr 10

Railway Min Congratulates Indian Railways

Goyal had also extended gratitude to railway staff for their dedication to serve the people even through the deadly pandemic and putting themselves in harm’s way. 

Despite the conditions forced by the pandemic, the “rail parivaar” kept Indian Railways (IR) running through sheer resilience and willpower

Railway Accomplishments

Take a look at IR’s achievements:

  • 4,621 Shramik Specials were operated to reunite families who were scattered across the country owing to work and other reasons. 
  • The trains carried 63 lakh stranded Indians due to lockdowns and other restrictions on movement
  • 370 safety and infrastructure projects were concluded
  • 6,015 Route Kilometer (RKM) was electrified in one year (2020-21).
  • Passenger trains have doubled travel speeds from 23 kmph in the last few years to 46 kmph as of 2020-21. 
  • Freight trains have doubled their average speed to 44 kmph
  • South Western Railways achieved a record breaking 100% punctuality rate on April 3 and 4. 
  • Passenger fatalities were at a perfect zero along with a huge reduction in train accidents in the past 2 years

Indian Railways Electrified 6000 Kms In Last 12 Months; 71% Of Entire Rail Route Now Electric!, learn more.

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