7-Seater, 3-Row Kia Sonet Will Be Made In India; But Won’t Launch In India! Find Out Where It’s Launching?

7-Seater, 3-Row Kia Sonet Will Be Made In India; But Won't Launch In India! Find Out Where It's Launching?
7-Seater, 3-Row Kia Sonet Will Be Made In India; But Won’t Launch In India! Find Out Where It’s Launching?

Kia Motors will launch the three-line Sonet SUV on April 8, 2021. The model is expected to go on sale in Indonesia first. We tell you a lot about it.

• Three Sonet Row will be a product made in India

• We will come with a cabinet of seven seats

• No news of India launch yet

Kia Sonet 7-seater: What is different?

As mentioned above, the three-line Sonet will be sold in Indonesia first. The five-seater model is already on sale in the Indonesian domestic market, similar to the one being sold in India. Sonet sold in Indonesia measures 4,120mm which is tad taller than that sold in India (3,995mm). Both models are based on Anantapur’s Kia plant in Andhra Pradesh.

Sources tell us that the three-line Sonet will be about the size of a five-seater version and a third-row seat will be added after the second row, which means there is likely to be a balance of two adults. Although the car has not yet been officially unveiled, it remains to be seen how Kia integrated the three-line setup at Sonet’s corner. This also points to approximately the non-reusable boot space of the three-line Sonet using the third line. Underneath the seat, the three-line Sonet seat comes with a 1.5-liter petrol engine powered by a six-speed manual or automatic CVT gearbox, similar to the five-seater Sonet sold in Indonesia.

Kia Sonet 7-seater: Will it arrive in India?

While the three-line Sonet will be performed in India, no news of this version comes to the Indian theaters. Also, the car appears to be targeted at the three-line MPV / SUV market in Indonesia. With the three-line Sonet, Kia looks set to place a compact SUV at the top end of the three-circular passenger market in Indonesia with models such as the larger Toyota Avanza and the Daihatsu Xenia to name a few.

Kia Motors has started working on its next Indian product, the brand new MPV. The Kia KY will be the MPV of the Korean brand in India after Carnival, which sits at the end of the premium.

• The new Kia MPV may have a suitable three-line design

• More engine-gearbox options are expected

• It will be manufactured and sold in markets such as Indonesia

What is new?

The first set of online spies gives us a rough idea of ??what to expect from Kia’s next three-line car. While the test mule seen in Korea is still heavily covered, it ensures that the car will have a proper three-line MPV shelf.

The new MPV, as we reported earlier, will share its platform with Sonet and will be approximately 4.5m tall and have enough space for all three lines, similar to Mahindra Marazzo. This will help put it in the middle of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. and Toyota Innova Crysta in the Indian market.

The car seen in these spy guns gives clues as to what to expect ahead of style. Ithas headlamps surrounded by LEDs placed on top, similar to those seen on Sonet. Expensive ‘Giger nose’ grille can be expected with some sharp style elements, with a combination of chrome bits.

Additionally, we can guarantee that the model will come with 16-inch wheels and acquire MRF Wanderer tires, similar to the Seltos.

We expect the Kia KY MPV to come with similar features to the Seltos, which include a rear view camera, smartphone connections, alloy wheels, DRLs, start button presses, cruise control, electric windows, and ambient lighting in much of its range. . In addition, expect luxurious and safety features such as the connected tech-car tech, sunroof, ventilated seats, air purifier, 360-degree camera, blind spot monitor and head-up display available in high quality. for the Kia KY MPV.

The base of the Kia KY MPV list in India will be a 1.5-liter diesel engine, and 1.5 liter petrol. Expect Seltos power outages and gearbox options in KY MPV. By comparison, the Maruti Ertiga is currently a fuel-only model, while the Mahindra Marazzo only gets a 1.5-liter diesel engine; diesel-AMT and petrol engine are expected to join in the future.

We expect the Kia KY MPV to be launched later this year. This new model will be sold in India, as well as Indonesia, which is also a popular market for MPV. There are Hyundai (Codename: KS) type conversations in the pipeline, too. However, no news of the new Hyundai MPV has brought us closer to our shores.

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