HDFC Bank Down, Once Again? Social Media Erupts With Complaints Against HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Down, Once Again? Social Media Erupts With Complaints Against HDFC Bank
HDFC Bank Down, Once Again? Social Media Erupts With Complaints Against HDFC Bank

If you are a customer of HDFC Bank, you must have faced the same digital outage that thousands of HDFC Bank customers faced yesterday. 

Customers of the HDFC bank took to the internet to express their frustration about the frequent outage of digital services of the HDFC bank.

Let’s find out why this is happening with HDFC so frequently!

HDFC Bank’s Digital Services Down; Customers Complaint On Social Media

The bank’s mobile banking and net banking services were down yesterday, yet again. Many of the bank’s customers voiced their agitation through social media. Here’s what the customers of the bank said about the outage:

@HDFC_Bank when is your issue going to get resolved ??? Can you answer it

— Chetan.Rajesh.Mistry (@wakeupchins) March 30, 2021

@HDFCBank_Cares Netbanking of HDFC is not working smoothly. It’s a crucial day as financial year is ending.

— CA Apurv Kalantri (@apurvkalantri) March 30, 2021

The bank confirmed the outage on Twitter, along with recycled promises of bringing the chaos back to order. The tweet said, “Some customers are facing intermittent issues accessing our NetBanking/MobileBanking App. We are looking into it on priority for resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience and request you to try again after sometime. Thank you (sic).”

RBI Appoints Third Party To Conduct Audit Of HDFC’s IT; Bank’s Share Prices Soar

This is just another addition to many of the outages that the bank has suffered in the recent past. On December 2, 2020, RBI issued an order against HDFC bank to halt some of its activities till these issues are resolved. 

RBI deputy governor M.K. Jain told that a regulator assigned a team of experts to investigate the HDFC bank’s activities after last December one of its customers complained about not being able to pay loans or settle credit card bills.

After that, in February 2021, we reported about RBI appointing a third party to conduct an audit of HDFC Bank’s IT Infrastructure.

Apparently, the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) had asked for this inspection to examine if the bank had improved on its digital capabilities following the recent issues.

HDFC Bank has also been barred from launching any new digital campaigns, issuing credit cards to new customers until these glitches are fixed. 

Despite this, the share price of the bank ended more than 3% higher, while shares slipped 2% in early deals yesterday. Also, the bank’s stock has gained 8% since December, when these digital outages first emerged. 

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