2nd Lockdown In Mumbai, Pune? Expect These Major Restrictions If Lockdown Happens

Discussions over second lockdown to be imposed in Maharashtra.
Discussions over second lockdown to be imposed in Maharashtra.

The number of active Covid-19 cases are on a rapid surge around the country, with Maharashtra contributing to over 70% cases each day.

On Saturday last week, the 24-hour new positive case count was recorded to be 62,258, of which Maharashtra alone contributed with 36,902 cases.

Needless to add, a stringent step towards rational precautionary measure has become a compulsion in Maharashtra, especially in its capital city.

There are reports of probability of a second lockdown imposed in Maharashtra from April 2 or 3, according to sources in the state government.

Could Maharashtra Undergo a Second Lockdown?

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, in a review meeting held on Sunday, directed the administration to start making provisions for a second lockdown and prepare standard operating procedures for the same.

The Covid Task Force was too present in the meeting with CM Thackeray and they projected that if necessary restrictions like lockdown are not implemented, the state will witness more fatalities to Covid-19.

The administration too, has started preparing for the lockdown post Thackeray’s order on Sunday.

Sources in the meeting also informed that the increasing active cases in the state has started to put a pressure of shortage on the availability of beds and other healthcare facilities like ventilators and oxygen.

Thackeray has also directed the administration to ensure an adequate availability of essential items like medicines and healthcare services, along with civil supplies.

Second Lockdown to Differ from the Last One

It is expected from the meeting on Sunday that the second lockdown to be imposed, shall not be of the same nature as the one imposed last year.

This lockdown will target crowd prevention essentially and is expected to not have any adverse effect on economic activities, unlike the previous lockdown.

Sources revealed that densely crowded areas would be shut down, which include cinema halls, multiplexes, beaches, gardens, auditoriums and malls, which are currently only allowed to operate from 7 am to 7:30 pm.

They are likely to be shut down 24X7. Large markets and standalone shops will however, be allowed to operate at given time slots and under heavy surveillance of Covid guidelines.

The suburban/long distance trains and public transport buses will be given strict guidelines to follow. Testing at railways stations and airports will be intensified. Manufacturing sector will be allowed to operate at full-scale, but not without adhering to Covid-19 protocols, states Midday.

Bars and eateries will probably be allowed to operate delivery and takeaway services but not dine-in.

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