Visiting Bengaluru Via Road, Rail, Flight? Covid19 Negative Report Mandatory Now

Negative Covid test has to be submitted by all passengers, including residents. arriving from outside Karnataka. The rule commences from April 1.

Earlier only people entering Bengaluru from Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Chandigarh had to submit a negative RT-PCR test to be granted entry. Now the rule has been extended to any and all states of India from April 1.


The Conditions

Any passenger arriving in Bengaluru be it from road, rail or flight will have to furnish a negative Covid test. Otherwise they will not be permitted entry. 

The new order does not spare even those that are permanent city residents but have come from outside state boundaries.

Positive Patients To Be Monitored

For those opting for home quarantine, they will have their hands stamped and will be monitored via the Karnataka government-developed Quarantine Watch app.

With the app the user has to submit selfies every hour. These selfies will have GPS coordinates which will clue in the government photo verification team to the user’s precise location.

The move comes in the light of a surge in active cases from last November. 60% have been attributed to those traveling from other states.

The affected people fall under the 20-40 year age group. 

Maximum Event Guest Capacity

To curb the contagion, the state government has mandated that only a maximum of 200 people can attend closed door events and 500 people can attend outdoor events such as religious celebrations and political functions in total. 

For birthday parties the mandate is 100 person capacity for open spaces and 50 for closed spaces.

Not just owners of the venue but also organisers of these events will come under the law. 

Other Measures To Check Contagion

Law enforcement officials will be deployed to ensure rule compliance in bus stations, markets, theatres, marriages, convention halls, schools and college campuses.

200 ambulances have been stationed in every ward of the city.

The government has also introduced a penalty for failure to wear a mask. In urban areas the fine is Rs 250 and in rural areas it is Rs 100.

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