This 208 Year Old Corporate Behemoth Has Banned Zoom Calls On Fridays: Find Out Why!

This 208 Year Old Corporate Behemoth Has Banned Zoom Calls On Fridays: Find Out Why!
This 208 Year Old Corporate Behemoth Has Banned Zoom Calls On Fridays: Find Out Why!

A majority of organizations have now resorted to allowing their employees to work from home so as to limit the spreading of the Chinese virus. While there are some positive aspects about the work from home culture, people are also complaining about there being no boundary between their work life and home life.

Keeping this in mind, the CEO of Citigroup, Jane Fraser has now announced a ban on video calls on Friday for all the employees.

He has also announced a companywide holiday which will be known as ‘Citi Reset Day.’ Both these initiatives are being implemented by the CEO as part of its efforts to reduce the stress that employees are facing, during the pandemic. 

Read on to find out how this works!

Citibank CEO Announces No Video Calls On Friday and “Citi Reset Day”

The aim of the CEO behind these new initiatives is to reduce the stress that employees face due to the absence of boundaries between their personal lives and professional ones.

To lessen the stress faced by the employees and to contribute to their well being, the CEO has announced that the final day of the working week will be a “Zoom Free Friday.” He has also sent a memo regarding the same. As per the memo, the bank is also encouraging its employees to avoid scheduling meetings outside the regular office hours. The entire workforce at Citigroup is now 210,000 people.

CEO Fraser has also declared a “Citi Reset Day” which will be on May 28. 

As per Fraser, “I know, from your feedback and my own experience, the blurring of lines between home and work and the relentlessness of the pandemic workday have taken a toll on our well-being.” He also stated about the entire situation not being sustainable.

Long Way To Go Before Normal Work Life Begins

Fraser has also stated that there is still a long way to go before the normal working life begins and the bank should reset some of the working practices so that employees are able to handle both their personal and work lives efficiently. 

He states, “When our work regularly spills over into nights, very early mornings and weekends, it can prevent us from recharging fully, and that isn’t good for you nor, ultimately, for Citi.”

Recently, we reported to you that Citibank is about to close down its consumer banking division. The business is apparently facing a decline, primarily due to the lockdown and the pandemic that caused it.

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