Apple Slapped With Rs 15 Crore Penalty For Not Giving Chargers With iPhone 12!

A fine of $2 million (R$ 10.5 million) has been imposed on Apple by Brazil’s consumer protection agency Procon-SP for not bundling a charger in the iPhone 12 box.

Misleading, Unfair & No Demonstrations Of Environmental Gain : Procon-SP

Calling the move of selling a device without the charger as misleading advertising, Procon-SP said that Apple has been fined for unfair terms. Also, no demonstrations of an environmental gain from the move has been given by Apple to Procon-SP, the agency which had questioned Apple about the issue last year as well.

Also it was pointed out by the agency that there was no response by Apple whether or not the prices will be slashed after removing the charger from the bundle. The questions on price comparisons pre and post-removal of charger from the bundle and whether or not the charger production has been reduced have gone unanswered by Apple.

Not just that, but the firm brought the issue that some users are facing regarding the ‘problems with some functions’ post updating their phones with newest update which Apple has not rectified.

Apple Must Respect Our Laws : Executive Director, Procon-SP

Fernando Capez, Executive Director of Procon-SP said that Apple needs to respect the Brazilian consumer protection laws and institutions

The new iPhone 12, which was launched in October last year, as announced by the company did not come with chargers as well as earbuds in the box.

Citing e-waste problem and other environmental concerns, Apple justified its decision of skipping the charger bundle from their phones. Many other smartphone companies followed suit. According to critics, the move was primarily aimed at reducing the shipping costs.

Since, Apple has posted a staggering $114.4 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2021, the fine is unlikely to hurt Apple said the Verge.

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