Apple Ordered To Pay Rs 2400 Crore Penalty For Using A Patent Without Consent For iTunes

Apple Ordered To Pay Rs 2400 Crore Penalty For Using A Patent Without Consent For iTunes
Apple Ordered To Pay Rs 2400 Crore Penalty For Using A Patent Without Consent For iTunes

Tech giant Apple has found itself in a sticky spot – the company has been asked to pay about $308.5 million as a penalty for infringing a patent.

The company has been asked to pay the amount to a company called Personalized Media Communications LLC (PMC).

Read on to find out why Apple has been penalized, right here!

Apple Sued For Patent Infringements; Directed To Pay $308.5 Million

A federal jury in Texas has directed Apple Inc to pay about $308.5 million to PMC LLC. The tech giant has allegedly infringed a patent that is associated with digital rights management. The jurors have instructed the company to pay a running royalty to PMC. This royalty is usually based on the amount of sales of a product or a service.

PMC is a licensing firm, based in Sugarland, Texas, which had originally filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc in 2015. The lawsuit alleges that the iTunes service by Apple has infringed seven patents of the company. 

The tech giant has challenged PMC’s case at the US patent office; however, an appeals court had reversed the decision in March. This helped PMC to go ahead to trial. 

This is not the first time a lawsuit has been filed against Apple. 

We had reported to you about a case that was filed against Apple for their false claims. While Apple claimed that the new iPhone X is ‘all screen’, in reality, it is not so. Apparently, the Apple iPhone X has a notch on top which stops it from being ‘all screen’.

Recently, there was news about a “bug” in iOS 14. There are complaints by iPhone users who are on iOS 14 or later versions, about not getting notifications for texts, iMessages, and even WhatsApp messages in some cases. Complaints posted by the affected users on online platforms, including on the Apple Community forums, suggest that the notification issues are impacting almost all iPhone models compatible with iOS 14 and the problem does not seem to be with any single application or a particular generation of iPhone models.

Apple Unhappy; Plans To Appeal Against The Ruling

As per reports, Apple is not satisfied with the ruling and plans to appeal it as well.

Apple stated, “Cases like this, brought by companies that don’t make or sell any products, stifle innovation and ultimately harm consumers.”

Apple is not the only one against whom PMC LLC has a case. The company also has several infringement lawsuits against some major companies such as Netflix Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Inc.

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