This Electric Cycle Will Run 1000 Kms At Rs 50! Can Be Charged Like A Phone (Full Details)

The Nexzu Rompus+ is an electric bike which offers a run of 1000 km on a Rs 50 charge

The Rompus+ electric cycle launched by Nexzu mobility is priced at Rs 31,983. It has a life cycle of 750 charges each of which completes in 3-4 hours. 

Astonishing Figures

Dubbed a “supercycle”, the Chakan, Pune based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer debuted the product which runs 30 km on a single charge. It has a range of 25km in pedal and 20km in throttle mode.

Charging can be done on regular outlets or sockets just like a smartphone or other devices and gadgets.

The bikes are fitted with a 36-volt, 250-watt brushless DC motor.

An EV runs on a cost of 2 paise per kilometre whereas the traditional fuel run vehicles cost Rs 1.5/km. Going by these numbers the Nexzu EVs can run upto 1000 km on a Rs 50 charge, and 150 km for e-cycles on a Rs 10 charge.

The price covers accessories as well like 2 mudguards front and rear, lights, dual front and rear discs, wheel and rear reflectors and horns. It also comes with an 18 month warranty.

State of Electric Vehicles Market in India

In India the market is barely ready for widespread adoption of EVs with total sales accounting for less than 1% of all vehicles sold. 

But the company founded by Atulya Mittal, Harvard Business School alum, is quietly confident of his company’s prospects. They predict a market size growth for electric vehicles to 5% in the coming years.

Interested customers can place an order either at Nexzu Mobility dealerships or its official website. The company intends on increasing its accessibility with plans of launching its products on Amazon, Paytm and other online stores. 

Earlier known as Avan Motors, its product lineup also includes two scooter models — Dextro and Dextro + — and three hybrid cycle models — Roadlark, Aello, and Rompus.

Customer Feedback

Satisfied customers appreciate what this EV has to offer against rising fuel prices and its heavily polluting petrol/diesel run counterparts.

Other talking points were its eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

The company has goals of becoming one that is entirely indigenous with production, manufacturing and other activities being 100% India-focused and oriented. 

It could become the next big thing and it will be entirely an “Aatma Nirbhar”, Made in India company. It also exemplifies the qualities of a Swacch Bharat, the cleanliness factor being a clean, green fuel run vehicle.

The future is electric and Nexzu could soon become a potential leader in the burgeoning ecomobility market in India. 

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