Whatsapp Issues 2nd Warning To All: Accept New Policy Else You Will Be Blocked Forever

Whatsapp gives users till May 15 to accept policy or risk losing access.

Whatsapp has notified users of the May 15 deadline for them to accept its updated terms of service and privacy policy. The in-app notification informed users of the same and warned that should users decline to accept it they will lose functionality of the app. But the account will remain undeleted. 

Public Outcry

Earlier Whatsapp had given users a deadline till Feb 8 but after a massive public backlash due to fears of private data being shared with its parent company Facebook, Whatsapp was forced to defer the policy rollout. 

The Supreme Court in India had to intervene due to the unilateral nature of the move by Whatsapp which was not uniform across countries around the world. UK and European countries were exempted from the policy due to strict user data protection laws there. 

Supreme Court Steps In

The Supreme Court demanded an explanation for the strong arm tactic that was adopted which did not give users the freedom to opt out or disagree and resume normal use of the app. If they do not accept they will essentially lose access to any features Whatsapp provides.

Whatsapp then softened its stance some as it went into damage control mode, offering explanation and apologies for the mass confusion and misunderstanding. 

Clarification by Whatsapp

It reiterated that private user chats will remain private due to end to end encryption and nobody except for the conversation partners would be able to read the chats, not even Whatsapp itself. 

They clarified that only communication with business accounts would come under the policy ambit. For example, chats with an online brand or with a customer service rep. 

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