Kia Recalling 380,000 Vehicles For Fire Risk; Ask Owners To Park Vehicles Outside!

Kia recalls Cadenza and Sportage due to potential fire risk owing to electrical short.

Kia is recalling 379,931 of its Cadenza and Sportage models due to fears of a potential fire breaking out due to an electric short within the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit. 

The models in question are the Cadenza produced between 2017 to 2019 and the Sportage between 2017 to 2021. 

As a precautionary measure Kia has also urged owners to park their cars outside and away from any structures until the faulty parts get replaced. 

Warning Signs

The customers have been asked to monitor warning signs such as pressure warning light, ABS warning light or MIL warning light which should start blinking on the dashboard. They should also look out for burning or melting odours. 

Kia has reassured that till date there has been no fires, injuries or worse due to any of its models but the potential is substantial. 

Beginning April 30 owners of the affected models will be notified and directed to the relevant dealers to get their vehicles fixed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalls website also provides information on the affected models. 

The dealers will be replacing the fuse in the electrical junction box. 

Previous Kia Recalls

This is however not an unprecedented development since both Kia and Hyundai have a history of recalls. Last year both recalled 591,000 vehicles due to a brake fluid leak which could cause a fire. 

The NHTSA made a move to investigate the 2 automakers and doled out a heavy penalty of a combined $300 million for not being proactive about the faults and subsequent recalls. 

Kia denied any wrongdoing but nonetheless complied to avoid legal tussles. 

The Sportage is a mid size SUV described to have a coupe-like profile and athletic stance. It is slated to arrive in India in April 2022 with a starting price of Rs 25 lakh.

Cadenza is a full size sedan with luxury vehicle-like features. The price starts at $38,000 in the US.

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