Google Will Empower 10 Lakh Women Entrepreneurs In India; Allocates Rs 200 Crore Fund

Google pledges $25 million to support women-centric organisations in India and worldwide

Google celebrated Women’s Day this year (Mar 8) by announcing a host of initiatives meant to celebrate and enable women to achieve their best potential in business and other entrepreneurial ventures. This took place in an event hosted by Google for India , “Women Will”.

The event saw big attendees from the likes of Union minister Smriti Irani, Tata Trusts’ chairman, Ratan Tata, Google Vice-President and President of, Jacqueline Fuller Google VP and President) and more.

NASSCOM Initiative

Google committed $500,000 to NASSCOM which will target 100,000 women agricultural workers and provide them with digital and financial literacy skills. The areas covered include Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

A helpline will also be set up which women in agricultural work can call for business queries. 

Women-Led Searches

Google will enable word searches such as “women-led restaurants” or “women-led clothing stores” etc so people can seek out and visit women-led enterprises. 

“Women Will” Web Platform 

A website was launched which contains tutorials on topics like “be an income earner” which consists of educational videos on tailoring, beauty parlor, kirana shop, xerox shop and tuition centres. 

The other modules are for learning business basics, introduction to Google tools that complement businesses and digital safety or cybersecurity fundas.

$25 Million Global Impact Challenge

Google’s philanthropic arm pledged $25,000,000 to support women-focused nonprofits and other bodies in India and globally. Winners will receive mentorships from Googlers, Ad grants and additional support. Registration will close on Apr 10.

Google-Tata Trusts’ “Internet Saathi”

Google wrapped up its Internet Saathi for Women program which it conducted along with Tata Trusts, first launched in 2015. 

In these 6 yrs, 30 million women in India benefited from training provided by 80,000 Internet Saathis or companions. 

Pichai said that women suffer from lack of access to opportunities where they are hampered by systemic inequalities. With this program women in rural areas were coached and guided in business skills, tools and mentorship. 

Soundbites From Ratan Tata and Smriti Irani

Ratan Tata who also attended the event said that he was satisfied with the collaboration. The project was aimed at training women to train fellow women on digital literacy and how to harness the power of the internet to boost their business. 

Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani who was also in attendance lauded Google’s efforts and commitment to enable women entrepreneurs in India which will contribute to their socio-economic advancement 

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