Get Discount On Your Air Tickets, If You Don’t Have Checkin Baggage: How Will It Work?

Get Discount On Your Air Tickets, If You Don’t Have Checkin Baggage: How Will It Work?

Amidst the skyrocketing prices of Airline tickets, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has come up with some guidelines that can reduce the travel cost within the country.

What Are The Guidelines Issued By DGCA?

According to the regulations chalked out by DGCA, not carrying any check bags on domestic flights will result in cheaper tickets. The flight operators are permitted to give discounts on tickets to all passengers without any baggage or cabin baggage.

The discount will be applicable to passengers who choose to travel with no baggage or just with one cabin baggage that weighs under the threshold.

Currently, domestic flights allow up to 7 kgs of cabin baggage and 15 kgs of check-in baggage. Any extra weight charge for any extra weights.

How Will The Guidelines Be Implemented?

The discount scheme will come under the airline baggage policy where operators can now include free baggage allowance and “zero baggage/no check-in baggage fares”.

To implement this guideline, DGCA said that the passengers who will opt for no baggage at the time of booking will be informed about the additional charges in case they decide to carry bags at the time of check-in at the airline counter.

The charges will be reasonable and will be told to the passenger at the time of booking itself. Additional charges, in that case, will also be mentioned on the ticket.

The passenger will have to specify the weight of the baggage they will be carrying beforehand to obtain the discount under the new baggage policy.

The emergence of pandemic one year ago caused a major setback for all travel-related businesses, especially airlines. To recover from the losses, the prices of airline tickets were increased considerably. In such a situation, giving a discount option will turn out to be in favour of regular travellers.

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