Hyundai’s New Electric SUV Has Solar Rooftop; Can Charge Other Electric Cars! (Hyundai Ioniq 5)

Hyundai’s New Electric SUV Has Solar Rooftop; Can Charge Other Electric Cars! (Hyundai Ioniq 5)

While almost all the automakers are exploring electric vehicle technology, Hyundai has stepped up its game. The South Korean automaker has confirmed the release of its electric SUV, Iconiq 5, which is going to be powered by solar panels as a complementary source of charging.

The car whose concept was seen at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, is finally manifested after a few alterations.

How Does Iconiq 5 Use Solar Energy?

Hyundai Ioniq 5 sets itself apart from its competitors because of the feature that lies on its roof, which is solar panels. These panels occupy most of the area of the roof and act as a complementary source for charging the vehicle.

However, it doesn’t seem like solar energy is enough to charge either of the standard 58 kWh battery or the long-range 72.6 kWh battery that the Ioniq 5 comes with. Hyundai claims that solar panels can provide an additional 2000 km to the range of in a year in sunny conditions.

What are other unique features of Iconiq 5?

Utilizing solar energy is not the only unique factor about the new Iconiq 5. Its ability to charge other electric vehicles came as a surprise. Apparently, this car can charge other EVs when it is left with more than 15% battery. If the battery is lesser than this threshold, the car won’t charge others and will save the battery for itself.

However, it has just a 3.6kW charging speed hence the process of charging an EV through Iconiq 5 will be very slow. After all, it’s better than nothing and can help in critical situations where the charging points are not available nearby. Moreover, not only EVs but also e-bikes, e-bicycles, and electronic devices like laptops can take advantage of this feature.

What Are Its Common Specifications?

Iconiq 5 has two variants equipped with two different battery sizes, a standard 58 kWh battery 72.6 kWh long-range battery. In a single charge, a standard battery offers up to 200km of range, and the latter can provide up to 500km. The car is also available with AWD (All Wheel Drive) as well as RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) drivetrain.

The 800v variant of this solar car supports fast charging where the car charges from 10% to 80% in just 18 mins through a powerful 350kW charger. The normal 50 kW charger can do the same in 1 hour.

Hyundai has gone to lengths to make the ride of Iconiq 5 comfortable. The passengers in the front can enjoy a Zero Gravity seat which also provides extra room for legs.

There are two 12.25-inch screens sitting installed on the dash of the car. One of the screens is located behind the wheel and serves the purpose of a digital instrument cluster while the other is used for infotainment and navigation. It is also equipped with a heads-up display that shows information like speed limit and directions on eye level and avoids distractions while driving.

The most expensive model of Iconiq 5, special edition ‘Project 45’, will be priced between $63,000 and $80,000.  This next-generation car will hit the UK market in Spring next year

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