6 Critical Questions Answered For FASTags: How To Get, Recharge, Penalty & More

Most of the countries collect charges called ‘toll’. Toll on highways are mostly paid by something called ‘vignettes’ in other words these are prepaid toll passes which we have to stick on the windshield of vehicles at particular location. It is widely available in a verity of groups. In India the government has started similar kind of system called FASTag. The government was planning it for long. Till now most of the toll booths across country come with a single lane where motorist can pay toll in cash but from today onwards this option will not available as the government has started FASTag. Here is the information about how to get it immediately and rules related to it.

Can I get FASTag Instantly?

One of the easiest ways to get FASTag is to visit nearest toll booth. Most Banks and Digital payment sources have started temporary booths for making available of it. The representative will need details of the vehicles (registration certificate, ID proof of owner) will be asked. If the vehicle is registered under the name of company the user can His / Her ID proof.

How to avail FASTag?

The official way to get a FASTag is to apply for it via digital payment apps like PAYTM or bank. The procedure is to upload required details of the vehicles online, those are vehicle number and registered owner ID proof. Once it is done you need to make payment and order it at your preferred address.

Where should I stick it on car?

The idle location for sticking the FASTag on the car is on the middle of the windscreen of the car from inside. Once it is done there is very low chance of tempering it.

Can I go without FASTag?

As per notice from authorities, toll booths will no longer accept payment in cash. As we know till now there was an option to pay in cash. However the government has given an option for no FASTag that is cars can pass through tolls by paying double on the tolls.

How can I recharge the FASTag?

The FASTag once activated can be recharged digitally by using various payment applications or bank account. After completion of recharge the registered mobile number will get an update. For recharging you need registration number of a vehicle.

Can I owe 2 FASTag for one car?

FASTags are generally linked with registration number of the vehicle. It can also be altered with different registration numbers. But it outfit one registration number at one time. Do not use one FASTag for multiple numbers as it can call for a fine.

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