Work From Home Ends For 50 Lakh Central Govt Employees; Ordered To Attend Office

Central Govt employees of all ranks to report to office on all working days

The personnel ministry has mandated that central government employees are to report to their physical offices on all working days. This order comes on the back of a notable decline in active Coronavirus cases in national capital Delhi, where the daily tally dropped to 1041 from 1053 on Saturday. 

“The government servants at all levels are to attend office on all working days without any exemption to any category of employees”, said the official order issued late Saturday.

No Biometrics Yet

Biometric attendance is not required as of now, which is suspended since workers input their fingerprints which is an unsanitary and unsafe practice still. 

Departmental canteens are also set to be opened to feed the large number of employees who will be physically present again. 

Staggered Time Schedules To Follow

Even as India is starting to get a grip on the virus with vaccine administration in progress,  caution cannot be thrown to the wind and all employees cannot be gathered under the roof at the same time as before. Staggered time schedules will be implemented so as to avoid overcrowding in a confined space. 

Who Can Continue Work-From-Home

Staffers residing in containment zones are exempted and are allowed to continue working from their homes until their area gets de-notified. They will however have to be available on phone and electronic means at all times. 

Virtual Meetings Continue

Meetings however may continue to be over video call. Face to face meetings with visitors are still a no-no unless absolutely necessary in the name of public interest. 

Still, we have come a long way and are getting closer to pre-Covid normalcy. It is worth remembering that since the pandemic broke out last March, only Under Secretary rank holders and higher ranks could attend office.

Then two months later in May the Centre eased some of the restrictions and confined physical office presence to only half of all employees below the rank of deputy secretary.

Which brings us back to today, with all employees of all ranks set to converge as before.

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