Vodafone Users Will Get Free, Unlimited Data At Night! (Minimum Recharge, Rules, FUP)

Vi appeals to the young and hip, the old and bold, in nighttime exclusive data plans and weekend rollover.

In a bold move set to ensure customer delight, Vi unveils unlimited mobile data for those who pull all-nighters catching up on the latest the world wide web has to offer. Between midnight and 6 am prepaid customers can enjoy unlimited, free, and high-speed data on recharges of Rs 249 and above. 

Still Have Data Left? No Problem!

This is over and above Weekend Data Rollover benefits which allows users to push forward remaining data that they did not consume from the daily quota over the week over to the weekend, ensuring that customers get their money’s worth and precious data does not get lost as soon as the day is over.

What’s In It For You?

Even as the pandemic abates, internet consumption has never seen such highs in history. The younger generations especially can be seen glued to their devices in an exercise of endless scrolling, videos in playback, downloads, gaming and more. 

It is such consumers who like to dive deep into the web at night when they have time for themselves after work or other daytime activities that Vi seeks to lure with the introduction of this plan. 

In what can be considered an industry-first proposition, Vi is likely to knock it out of the park with the dual benefits of nighttime exclusive unlimited high-speed data and the ability to preserve and carry forward unused data from the daily quota over to the weekend. 

The Vi OTT App

Stream and download your typical OTT fare to your heart’s content, or do some light shopping, catch up on news, whatever tickles your fancy- Vi has got you covered. It might also be worth your while to check out the Vi Movies and TV App- the new one-stop destination for entertainment which offers live 400+ channels streaming, 9500+ movies, TV series and original content. 

The app has already been embraced by 10 Million+ Vi subscribers.

If that’s not enough, Vi GIGAnet was the fastest 4G network pan-India in Oct to Dec ’20 as per Ookla®- The authority on broadband testing.

Vodafone Trumps Airtel Over Voice Quality, learn more.

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