India’s 1st Tejas Express With AC Sleeper Coaches Will Be Rolled Out: Checkout Top Features

India's 1st Tejas Express With AC Sleeper Coaches Will Be Rolled Out: Checkout Top Features
India’s 1st Tejas Express With AC Sleeper Coaches Will Be Rolled Out: Checkout Top Features

Seems like the Ministry of Railways is on a mission to revamp its services and enhance the travel experience it provides to passengers. Yesterday, we reported about the first-ever economic class air-conditioned 3 tier train introduced by Indian Railways. While it was a milestone achieved, Indian railways continue to bring out newer, better, and more innovative coaches for Indian travelers.

Which New Train Has The Ministry Of Railway Introduced?

The ministry has come up with an alternative for Agartala-Anand Vihar Terminal Special Rajdhani Express which runs in New Delhi. The replacement is Tejas Sleeper coaches which are equipped with smart features. 

According to a statement given by the Railways, the coaches will be first launched with Agartala Rajdhani Special train on 15 February. With all the upgraded facilities that it has, the new sleeper class Tejas train is introduced to provide the best class travel experience to the passengers.

What Are The Modern Features Of Tejas Coaches?

Many innovative features are introduced in the new sleeper coach to ensure comfortable long-distance travel. All the main entrances will have an automatic plug door which will be controlled by the Guard. The train will start only after all the doors are closed.

To reduce corrosion to enhance the life span, the underframe of the train is made with austenitic stainless steel (SS 201LN). The Toilets are equipped with a bio vacuum system along with improved flushing which saves water and maintains better hygiene.

The Air Suspension Bogies installed in the coaches will boost the quality and comfort. The coaches are also fixed with sensors to detect occupancy of toilet, availability of water and measure air quality.

Besides, provisions of automatic fire alarm and detection systems along with day-night vision CCTV cameras will take the security of travel to another level.

What Is the Ministry’s Plan With the Tejas Train?

The ministry feels that it is making a ‘paradigm shift’ in the travel experience by introducing a modern train like the Tejas train for sleeper class. It is aiming to produce 500 units of this coach in the financial year of 2022. These coaches will be manufactured at  Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and Modern Coach Factory (MCF).

The introduction of Tejas sleeper train will establish better connectivity with the national capital. Indian Railway is looking forward to slowly replacing all the premium long distance trains in its network with the new Tejas coaches in near future.

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