Govt & Twitter Can Be Ordered To Block Fake News, Provocative Content; SC Issues Notice

Govt & Twitter Can Be Ordered To Block Fake News, Provocative Content; SC Issues Notice

In the wake of the feud between the Central government and Twitter over some taking down misleading tweets, on Friday, the supreme court was dragged into this dispute as a plea was filed against the microblogging platform. SC has issued notices to the center as well as the Indian arm of Twitter for establishing a common ground for regulating content.

What is the Notice Issued By The Supreme Court?

A plea was filed by a ruling party leader, Vinit Goenka, claiming that Twitter promotes tweets that are not compliant with Indian law. Advocate Ashwini Kumar Dubey submitted the petition on his behalf. In response to this, Chief Justice of India SA Bobde along with justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian issued a notice on 12 February.

Through the notice issued to the Central government and Twitter India, the Supreme court has urged both the entities to seek a mechanism to eliminate fake news which encourages hatred by regulating content and advertisements. The notice also focuses on discarding the bogus accounts through which anti-India messages and news are circulated.

What Is Mentioned In The Plea?

Goenka has alleged that Twitter knowingly encourages messages and tweets which are against Indian law.  He has also demanded the evaluation of logic and algorithms used by Twitter which conceals the anti-India posts.

Besides, he claimed that around 10% of 3.5 million Twitter accounts and 35 million Facebook handles are fake accounts of eminent political personalities which use their authentic photo but post inappropriate messages. The plea added that such accounts are used by political parties for the sake of self-publicity by deteriorating the reputation of the opposition.

Reason Behind Center And Twitter’s Feud

On the other hand, the Indian government continues to object to Twitter because of the disputes caused over controversies related to farmer protests. The government had asked the social networking service to take down all the tweets using an agitational hashtag promoting anti-national thoughts.

As a response to the Government’s plea, Twitter permanently took down some accounts which put forward objectionable tweets according to the company’s rules and guidelines. However, not all the accounts were blocked as Twitter found the basis of suspension insufficient. The government was not satisfied with the same.

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