When Will Passenger Trains Resume? Railways Ministry Issues Statement; More Trains For Holi?

Indian Railways could resume 100% passenger trains soon; currently operating at only 65%.
Indian Railways could resume 100% passenger trains soon; currently operating at only 65%.

The Indian Railways have been amplifying their operations in a staggered manner, ever since the Covid-induced pandemic has put in travel restriction, among others.

The Ministry of Railways has recently commented that while there is no committed time frame for resuming services of all passenger trains, it is moving in that direction in a graded manner.

This means, travelers can soon expect resumption of 100% passenger trains, which could aid the currently growing public demands for Holi.

65% Passenger Trains in Service At Present

The railway ministry has informed the presence of 65% train services in action across the country, as we speak.

This number is increasing in a graded manner, complying to safe travels during the ongoing pandemic.

The ministry also informed that operations of over 250 trains were added in the month of January alone, with more trains adding gradually.

Each month, about 100-200 trains are being added to the line, to provide connectivity to every nook of the country.

This ensures that trains can be expected to operate at their pre-Covid numbers in near future, while no designated timeline has been disclosed yet.

Railway Ministry Could Add More Trains During Holi

Indian Railways is known to add passenger trains when required, to keep a healthy balance between meeting passenger demands and safe travels.

In October last year, the MoR added 200 special trains to meet the increasing demand during festive season, operating from Oct 15 to Nov 30, 2020.

Now, as the festival Holi advances, sources have revealed that the MoR could add more passenger trains to meet the growing demand.

However, they have added that resumption of more passenger trains will only be analogous to the current health situation.

Senior Railways officials have repeatedly said that they are constantly monitoring the situation in the country and a decision on resuming full-scale normal train services will be taken after discussion with all the concerned ministries in the government.

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