Flying Abroad? These Covid-19 Tests Are Mandatory For All Travellers (Full List Of 49 Nations & The Rules)

Flying Abroad? These Covid-19 Tests Are Mandatory For All Travellers (Full List Of 49 Nations & The Tests)
Flying Abroad? These Covid-19 Tests Are Mandatory For All Travellers (Full List Of 49 Nations & The Tests)

Tests and conditions required to be met are rather specific so buckle up. All information is retrieved from state government websites. 


Borders are closed. Only ones allowed entry are Australian residents, citizens and immediate family members. Travelers who have frequented New Zealand are also permitted.

Australian border force officers will be posted at overseas airports to determine who can and cannot enter.

Foreign cruise ships are also exempted, with some exceptions. This ban is extended till 17 Mar 2021 however this does not mean complete lift of the ban. 

Other travelers are expected to observe mandatory 14 day quarantine (cost of which has to be borne by traveller)  upon arrival, with those exempted include arrivals from “green safe travel zone”, essentially a long winded term for New Zealand. 

Upon arrival in Australia a negative Covid (PCR) test has to be displayed, supposed to be taken 72 hours or less from date of departure. If one cannot provide this test they will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

And of course, masks are mandatory for international flights. 

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident you cannot leave Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions unless you have an exemption which includes business reasons or humanitarian grounds, all of which has to be supported by a letter of proof.

To sum it up, international visitors looking to sojourn in Australia need to postpone their dates since they are being encouraged to go home as soon as possible. 


The entire country is more or less insulated, with the nation banning travelers across a majority of countries. 

Exemptions typically include nationals, spouses of nationals, Special Permanent Residence permit holders, those with re-entry permits, those carrying Japanese visas, US military staff, and merchant seamen. 

A quarantine questionnaire and a QR code are required. 

An English language printed negative Covid test result has to be presented that is no older than 72 hours. 


The US requires either a genetic test that detects the virus, or a “rapid” test searching for antigens. The time limit is maximum 3 days before departure for America. 

Difference between the two tests is that the former takes about a day or more, while the latter produces results before an hour. The latter can also be done at home. 

Whichever you choose, an electronic or printed proof of negative result is required for entry. This implies that if one was to choose the rapid option, they would still need to visit a physician for definite proof. 


Here, similar to the US both types of tests are accepted as long as the results are negative. However they have certain thresholds that they accept, and travelers are required to heed these figures when presenting their test reports. 



The country is open for international visitors. Inside however curfews are in place but delivery is open.


Negative COVID test result has to be presented. Not much to look forward to for tourists since leisure, culture, sport and skiing are restricted.


Currently under a nationwide lockdown, with only essential travel permitted. 


In a contrarian step the President chose against imposing lockdown. However the essential travel mandate is issued all the same. If arriving from an infected country or displaying symptoms,10-day quarantine has to be followed. 


Also undergoing lockdown reminiscent of the one imposed in India in the nascent stages of the crisis. Only essential shops are open. Noteworthy is their adoption of a traffic-light system to indicate varying threat levels of the country a traveller might be arriving from. 


Open to tourists yet cautious and wary given the rising number of cases. Curfew is in place from 11 pm to 5 am. Negative PCR test required for entry. Masks are mandatory


Negative sub-72-hour PCR test required. Choice of 10 day quarantine accorded to citizens and family upon arrival. Leisure and entertainment outlets are restricted. International flights seemingly back to normal. 


Border crossing is restricted as of November, with exemptions. Traffic light system is being followed similar to the one in Belgium. Green list countries are in, of course, given that they display no symptoms and haven’t had close range contact with someone infected. 


They are following a “category” list which indicates specific instructions given whichever country a traveller has come from. For eg. countries from A and B lists are welcome. Curfew between 9 pm to 5 am is in place. 


Currently in a state of emergency, entrants are subject to medical exams , however open to travellers from low-risk regions. 


Solely essential travel permitted. Exemptions for entrants are also tightened. Exemptions for vaccinated individuals are being considered.


EU passengers free from symptoms are allowed in, along with checking of travel documents and symptoms. Same as Denmark, free entry for those vaccinated is being considered.


Travellers from Australia and New Zealand get a free pass (metaphorically speaking). Arrival from restricted regions could invite mandatory COVID testing. 


France has the dubious honor of being the first to report a case in Europe. Travel to and from regions outside the EU is banned unless compelling reasons are offered. EU arrivals need to present a negative PCR test, except for those employed cross-border. 


Each journey made by those who are German and EU citizens needs to be approved by federal border police. 

High risk areas as determined by the state and travellers from the same have to produce a recent (max. 48 hour) negative PCR test along with a 10-day self quarantine. 

Interestingly the quarantine woes could be shortened given the same negative result on the 5th day!


Already burdened by economic woes the tourist darling opened up its borders much earlier than its neighbors. This has however come to a halt since as of November travelers need to show a negative test result. 

And evidently, only those boasting a negative result will be allowed entry. 


As of September just citizens were allowed entry however this has evolved to permission of entry of foreign business travellers or those associated with sport or culture given they either self quarantine or show 2 negative test results. 


Only tourists from EU or EEA (European Economic Area) are deemed safe to enter. As of time of writing even UK travellers are banned. If you are still set on entering this place of ethereal and bountiful nature, you better come prepared with not one but 2 PCR tests- 1 just after you arrive and the 2nd 5 days later. And while you wait for the results you can rest in a 14-day quarantine. 

There are exemptions, of course. If you have had the virus and have the certificate, or just have Iceland as a pit-stop (transit), have a vaccination certificate or if for some reason you just cannot take the test, count yourself lucky because that means you can enter the country !


Currently under lockdown. Sub 72 hour negative PCR test mandatory. Adopted same traffic light system as mentioned for Belgium and others above. Green zone arrivals exempted from restrictions. Entrants from red, orange or gray zones as well as non EU arrivals are subjected to 14-day quarantine. 


Restrictions are tightened and state of emergency is declared until April. Cross border movement is limited to essential travel until Feb 15. 

Entrants have to either present a negative test or self isolate for a fortnight. 


They are under a 3-tiered system of COVID alert levels. Essential travel is the only one currently acceptable. Social hotspots such as bars, cafes and restaurants have to follow evening curfews between 8 pm and 5 am. Countries with high incidences of COVID or those marked as red or orange require their travellers to present a negative PCR test that was maximum 72 hours old. 


They have singled out countries with more than 50 new cases per 1 Lakh (100,000) inhabitants in the last 14 days. Those documented have to undergo 10-day self isolation upon arrival. 

Not to mention, all arrivals need to boast a negative PCR test conducted in the last 72 hours to be allowed entry. 


High risk country arrivals are subjected to a 10-day quarantine. Tourism industry seems to be alive and well with the now typical mandates of mask wearing and social distancing. 

Here however the tourism industry seems to be flourishing and mask and distancing mandates are just as applicable here in public spaces. 

Interestingly the regulations followed way over in Switzerland are obeyed here, hence if you want to know more about travellling to Liechtenstein in particular it’d be wise to check out the Swiss manual. 


Whole country’s closed off till the last day of the month, 28 Feb. Borders are open but travel within is restricted. Entrants from high incidence rates need to provide a negative PCR test report, or they can quarantine for 10 days. Guess which one to bet on. 


These folks are welcoming! Take a look down to see “folks” from where. 

EU and Schengen areas are definitely front of the line, Australia, and New Zealand the near twins, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand waiting for a front ticket to this mess. 

No quarantine requirement in place either 

And of course a nightly curfew in place between 11pm to 6 am. 


Travel ban has been canceled on folks from Great Britain.

Things seem to be hunky dory here for the most part.


Same traffic light system you would not understand unless you have been following the countries starting with “B”.

If you’re not on the green list you can get the hell out unless you have the treasured gem of a negative COVID test , never to be forgotten the 72 hour deadline!

Here’s the rest we could have never believed.

Saving grace is apparently there’s no quarantine pledge. 


Poor bars, restaurants and cafes can no longer enjoy the lack of customers between 10pm to 7am. 

Public events have been restricted to 50 people. Wonder how that’s working out for them.


Check out the ski resorts which are open so long as you bother to maintain the 2m social distancing rule. 

Still gotta isolate for a fortnight ! (Ironically, let us know if Fortnite does lend you that enjoyment).

Gotta obey curfew between 10 pm and 5 am. 


Gotta fill in a health declaration form, go through 10 days quarantine if you decided to state that you are arriving from a highly impacted area. 

All arrivals, no lie, have to present as negative PCR test, which is , as you guessed it, no older than 72 hours. 


Travelers rejoice! These folk are offering a free COVID test upon arrival. 

If you are visiting from a high-risk country, which let’s face it you about 90% are, you get to enjoy quarantine by yourself in these gorgeous climes, or 10 fun filled days in an assigned hotel.


Almost nothing amiss here , come and go as you please. Little amendment though, you should be willing to isolate yourself for 10 days or produce a negative COVID report that has an expiry date of 48 hours. 

Also if you are vaccinated (against COVID!) you can skip all the aforementioned steps, produce the report and be on your merry way. 


Count yourself lucky if you have citizenship of any entity inside EU or EEA , you can travel despite non essential travel!

Yes, there’s a nationwide lockdown expected to last till middle of Feb.

Furthermore all folks looking to visit that are above the age of 2, need to produce a negative  PCR test result. On the bright side there is no mandated requirement to spend x number of days in quarantine.

As usual, be wise and wear masks, and try not to stick too close to others. 

And of course, a little more personal hygiene never did hurt anyone. 


Curfew between 11 pm and 5 am. 

Essential travel excused for only non EU/ EEA countries. 

UK passengers should get ready to put forward only negative COVID test by, you guessed it, PCR upon arrival.


Borders are closed. Temperature check and negative PCR test results are essentially a go-ahead to go into the country, 


One of the most lax locations out there, this place is a dream come true and at the same time a word of caution for those who decide to heed the formers’ words. This is a pandemic, not a party. The danger manual of this country is essentially a hyperlink to that of Italy so if you really want to know how to navigate this particular state, you would be best served just reading through that of Italy.


Negative PCR test with 48 hour expiry date, also a possible 10-day quarantine. 


Got to display negative PCR test but no threat of quarantine. If you’re coming from countries other than EU/EEA or UK, self isolation and a 2nd PCR test is in order.


10 day quarantine in order for folks coming in from a “Red list” country. Traffic light system of danger designation adopted here as well. 


Opening of borders and restrictions dependent on the state of origin of entrants. 

Vaccinated individuals are expected to be exempted from travel restrictions. 

Brazil and South Africa should watch out since arrivals from these lands are looked at very closely. 


48 hour negative PCR test is the norm here, Thankfully there seems to be no lockdown in place with many social establishments being open, with the same following mandatory protocol such as mask-wearing, social-distancing and extra hygiene measures put in place. 

Until at least Valentine’s day (Feb 14) a travel ban between UK and Sweden is firmly in place. As usual those traveling for essential work or under exceptional grounds are exempt. 


Arrivals deemed to be “high risk” could be asked to quarantine upon arrival.

Travelers travelling on the grounds of non essential travel from UK and South Africa are understood to be as good as banned. 


Requires a negative PCR result for folks above 6 years of age. Flights are banned from UK owing to the new variant discovered there. Social outlets such as restaurants, bazaars, shopping centres, and salons are to be open between 10 am to 8pm throughout the week. Public smoking is also banned.


This one goes a step further and demands proof of health insurance that covers COVID-19 observation and treatment for the duration of their stay.

That’s not all, closure of bars, restaurants and cafes, and non-essential shops has also followed suit. 

You better get it right whether you are flying in from a “Green” or “Red” zone because the rest of your stay and whether or not the airport decides to move you forward depends on that. 

14 day “supervised” quarantine is in order for those unfortunate to be flying in from “high risk” regions. 

One way to circumvent quarantine seems to be the acquisition of a negative PCR test that must be taken in Ukraine. 


The papal temple is closed off to tourists. 

While flouting rules is certainly a massive faux pas, reading through a textbook equivalent of rules in order to make a brief trip certainly seems burdensome and frustrated travelers can be empathised with. However, these rules are in place to protect all of us and the same must be respected and a few minutes can definitely be set aside to go through the new norms which serve to protect our society from this deadly virus. 

COVID Passport is being developed to ease travel, learn more 

Exhaustive and summative list of European countries’ measures, one by one

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