This IT Giant With 49,000 Employees End 9-5 Work Day; 3-Days A Week, 100% WFH Rolled Out!

This IT Giant With 49,000 Employees Ends 9-5 Work Day; 3-Days A Week, 100% WFH Rolled Out!
This IT Giant With 49,000 Employees Ends 9-5 Work Day; 3-Days A Week, 100% WFH Rolled Out!

An employee wellness survey finally reaps rewards. In what is good news for the 54,000 strong workforce of Salesforce, they can now choose their own work model.

There are 3 models proposed by Salesforce for its employees to choose between- they are called flex, fully remote and office-based.


What is Flex?

Flex requires workers to report to the physical establishment anywhere between 1-3 days a week. This encapsulates tasks that cannot be effectively carried out over video call. Examples include team collaboration, customer meetings, or presentations.

What is Fully Remote?

This option is reserved for those who are locationally disadvantaged or those performing functions that do not require physical presence of the person themselves. 

What does Office Based entail?

These employees are expected to show up 4-5 days per week. However the date when they can be deemed safe to enter physical office space post Covid scare is not yet determined. As per Brent Hyde, Salesforce Chief People Officer, management of the pandemic and appropriate measures to observe in the office is expected to last the year. These measures include temperature screenings at entrances, face coverings, deep cleaning, manual contact tracing, and at-home wellness declarations.

Possible Benefits

Salesforce has maintained that the introduction of flexible schedules is supposed to remove hurdles for employees who have family concerns to attend to. 

The so-called “work-from-anywhere” model has a lot of hope riding on it to “unlock new growth opportunities” which in turn can “drive greater equality”, since talent is no longer bound by geographical or community-based barriers.

The employee survey apparently found strong adherents to the traditional physical office and presence model, namely 80%, at the same time nearly half of those surveyed expressed desire to be physically connected to office only a few times a month. 

Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Dropbox and Yelp seem to be following suit in embracing remote work programs pushed forward by the pandemic.

Some outlets have deemed the latest measures to be an economic dampener affecting pandemic recovery.

In what appears to be a near utopian and certainly a progressive measure, Salesforce definitely seems to be putting their employees first, in what is a first, for any top US company. 

However it does remain to be seen if implementation and execution goes as ideally. 

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