Capgemini Hiring 19,000 Indians For These Skills In 2021; Cloud, Digital In High Demand

Capgemini Hiring 19,000 Indians For These Skills In 2021; Cloud, Digital In High Demand
Capgemini Hiring 19,000 Indians For These Skills In 2021; Cloud, Digital In High Demand

The sector for  new digital technologies is growing at an unprecedented rate in the Indian markets.

This can be justified by the new positions floated by the French IT firm Capgemini in India, for freshers as well as mid-level hires.

The company has floated about 19,000 positions in the country, a major part of which focuses on new-age digital technology roles, involving AI and cloud-based knowledge.

Capgemini’s New Hirings 

Last year, the French IT giant Capgemini hired over 12,000 freshers in India. 

This year, they have created vacancies for about 19,000 positions, open for both freshers and experienced employees, which as reported by TOI, is higher than the number usually hired by the company.

The targeted roles will include operational as well as tech-centric roles, with the latter deflecting more towards new-age digital technology.

As the pandemic period has made organizations realize, the strong emphasis of distant working and internet security, the reliance on cloud-based solutions, remote tech services and cyber security have become the need of the hour.

This has boosted the demand for skills in new-age technologies like digital and cloud in the IT sector, states Anil Kumar Singh, the head of talent acquisition in Capgemini India.

Digital and Cloud Services Comprise Over 50% of Capgemini’s Business

The increasing reliance of Capgemini and every other IT organization onto new-age digital technologies like AI and cloud services, have made it incredibly essential for aspirants to back themselves up with a basic knowledge of these technologies.

This can be understood by Capgemini’s count of over 25,000 employees globally, who are currently working towards transforming high-end data and AI-infused businesses.

In fact, digital and cloud businesses make for more than 50% of the IT firm’s business, which grew by 20% in 2019 alone.

As India contributes to over 1.2 lakh employees in Capgemini globally, it becomes integral for Indian aspirants to equip themselves with good knowledge of these sectors.

Major clientele of Capgemini involves Heathrow Airport, Airbus Skywise and Mercedes-Benz, among others.

These companies have seen a major uptick in their deals and businesses.

Singh states that clients, in today’s time are looking forward to going beyond traditional areas for cloud-led transformation, like core systems or complex back-office digitisation, which are larger and complex programs.

These new programmes require significant ramp ups and skills across technologies and domain areas which become a natural cause for hyper-scalers to partner with IT organizations, states TOI.

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