Massive Ola Fraud Detected: 7000 Ola Customers Fooled Into Paying More Fare; Drivers Arrested

As per the newest reports coming in, around 7000 Ola users will be given a refund for being overcharged by Ola drivers. 

Previously, there was news about 3 Ola drivers being arrested in Bengaluru for tricking the start-up and fleecing lakhs of rupees by using fake location app technology. 

Read on to find out all the details!

7000 Ola Users To Be Refunded Their Money For Being Scammed

As much as 7000 Ola users will be getting a refund of the money that they paid extra. The Mumbai police’s crime branch has stated that Ola has already returned around Rs 1.5 lakh to over 1,200 users and the rest of the money is being refunded as well.

As per an officer from the crime branch (unit I), that a database was created of 7000 customers who were most likely to have been overcharged by Ola.

The officer has said, “Accordingly, the amount charged extra has been refunded to customers using the app. Refunds have been made through UPI as well where payments were made via that platform. Those who had paid in cash are being contacted by the company for refund.”

Three Ola drivers were arrested by Mumbai Police for scamming customers by adding more kilometers to the destination by manipulating the app. 

How Did Ola Drivers Scam Customers?

There is a glitch in the app that was exploited by the drivers – on the driver’s version of the app, the cab would appear on the bottom of a bridge even if it was on top of it. They achieved this by turning off the app whenever the cab was going traveling under a long overpass, bridge, or flyover.

Once the bridge was crossed, they would then switch on the app again. The map’s rerouted path would then add to the kilometers and also to the passenger’s fare. 

The fare of a ride increased by twice the amount due to this fraud. The police have said that if the fair from Panvel was Rs. 610, the fair in the app showed as much as Rs. 1240. 

The mastermind of the scam, Rajesh Acharya had said that he would change the settings and ensure that the app did not automatically update. 

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