Xiaomi’s Next Phone Will Have A Detachable Rear Camera! Patents Filed (How Will It Work?)

Xiaomi's Next Phone Will Have A Detachable Rear Camera!
Xiaomi’s Next Phone Will Have A Detachable Rear Camera!

Popular smartphone company, Xiaomi, has now applied for a new patent for a detachable camera module. Additionally, the new technology might also function as a selfie camera on smartphones.

How will the detachable camera work? Read on to find out all the details about this new patent by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Applies For Detachable Camera Module Design For Smartphones

As per a report published on WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization), Xiaomi has filed a patent application that reveals a smartphone that will come with a  full-display upfront. The smartphone will come with a detachable rear camera and it can be removed and placed on the front.

Xiaomi is not the first smartphone manufacturer to think of such a design of a detachable camera module. In fact, Oppo had also patented a similar technology in December last year.

Prior to this, Xiaomi had registered another patent for a smartphone with a pop-up camera with a reflective mirror. However, reports are that there is a chance that neither of these patents will make it to a commercial product, but if this project is successful, a huge makeoever is expected for the camera technology in the smartphones to come.

Xiaomi has also filed a patent for “a smart glasses and glasses case.” As per reports, this smart glass is capable of emitting therapeutic signals like phototherapy signals. They can also send sound wave signals that are beneficial to treat a few brain diseases, mental diseases or eye fatigue.

Xiaomi’s Detachable Camera Module: How Will It Work?

The front of the smartphone also shows a possible attachment for selfies which means that there is a possibility that the same design which will be fitted at the rear of the phone will be on the front as well. 

There are two different shapes for the camera layout revealed by the patent design. Not many details about the new design have been revealed except that Xiaomi will use magnets in order to make this possible.

One of the shapes is a pill shaped dual camera whereas the other one is circular with a cutout for four sensors. However, a complete image of the phone with a circular module has not been made available. 

This is still a developing story and we’ll keep you informed as we get more updates!

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