Maruti’s Rs 5 Lakh Electric Car Is Disruptive: Full Charge In 6 Hours, 250kms Range & More (Interesting Details)

Maruti's Rs 5 Lakh Electric Car Is Disruptive: Full Charge In 6 Hours, 250kms Range & More (Interesting Details)
Maruti’s Rs 5 Lakh Electric Car Is Disruptive: Full Charge In 6 Hours, 250kms Range & More (Interesting Details)

Most of the car makers are trying to adopt electric automobile technology to comply with the needs of the future. If we look at the current scenario, EVs are rarely seen on the road specially in India. But with a trustworthy carmaker like Maruti introducing its classic cars in electric version, we can expect the situation to change in upcoming years.

Maruti to Introduce Electric WagonR

The news of Maruti launching an Electric WagonR has been in the air since a long time now. On the other hand, many of the sources also claimed that the plan was on the verge of cancellation.

However, Maruti has always planned to enter the EV market when the infrastructure allows the carmaker to manufacture EVs. Hence Maruti giving up the plans of introducing an electric WagonR seems doubtful.


One of the major factors of an EV is its charging time. It is speculated that Maruti WagonR might take around 6 hours to get charged fully. This can set Maruti WagonR apart from its rivals since most of the EVs take more than 6 hours to get charged. Besides, the Electric WagonR might also come with a fast charging mode. This mode is also seen in Nexon EV which takes just about an hour to get charged through fast charging stations set up by Tata.

However, the range of this new EV lags behind. The comparatively less charging time of electric WagonR has reduced the range of this car. While its rivals like Nexon EV and Mercedes-Benz EqC cover a distance of 312km and 430 km respectively when charged fully, Maruti WagonR could cover only 250 km. 

Looks And Features

Maruti might choose to make a few changes in the body graphics to make the Electric version appear more stylish. The EV might also come with a larger central space where the gear knob is present. However, most of the remaining internal as well as external look of the EV will be identical to the classic WagonR. 

Besides, to compensate for the shorter range, the electric WagonR might be equipped with standard regenerative braking. The EV can also provide attributes like Connected car technology and Wireless charging.


The best part about Maruti is that it always offers very affordable and durable vehicles. Even with the brand new electric WagonR the Indian carmaker has kept its promise. The Wagon EV is priced just at Rs 5 Lakh, which might make it one of the cheapest EV.

One of the reasons behind EVs not being popular among Indian is that they are usually quite expensive. By introducing one of the most sought after cars like WagonR in electric form that too at a cheap price, Maruti is greatly helping to normalize electric vehicles in Indian market.

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