Regular International Flights Can Start From May-June, 2021: Here’s The Reason Why?

India might restart the regular international flights, read the story to know more.

After many people are to be vaccinated under the vaccination programs, this summer India might restart the regular international flights.

In a move that may bring a semblance of normalcy as far as flying habits of customers are considered, tests as well as quarantine measures for passengers who are vaccinated are likely to be eased in the period of next three to four months.

Easing Up Restrictions:-

There have been discussions of aviation ministry and home ministry regarding the relaxing measures. A senior government official said under the condition of anonymity that the easing up of restrictions as well as resumption of flights for India depends upon factors like the demand for travel on those routes as well as how the countries respond. Initially, as per the officials, even flight bubbles can be looked at.

On Thursday, IndiGo CEO said that during April-June period, the short-haul international flights might start.

In order to protect to spread the virus, India had imposed a lockdown in March due to which domestic as well as international flights were banned. Only the repatriation flights were allowed under the “Vande Bharat” scheme. As these restrictions eased, flights restarted and government allowed foreign carriers under the bubble agreement.

India currently is allowing the international passengers with “no coronavirus” certificate.

Including the US and the UK, 23 other nations are a part of the bubble agreement with India. Aimed at restarting commercial passenger services when regular international flights are suspended and are reciprocal in nature, these agreements are temporary in nature.

Other Countries Facilitating Travel :-

The International Air Transport Association is in favour to allow those people who are vaccinated to take international flights as well as removing the travel restrictions. Greece, Poland, Latvia, Lebanon and Seychelles etc are the countries who have removed these restrictions for the vaccinated individuals. Countries like the US and Germany are implementing testing regimes to facilitate travel.

Except UK, India has made it mandatory for passengers to produce Covid-19 negative certificates if they want to fly.

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