This State Mandates Full Salary For All Quarantined Private Employees; IT Employees Will Benefit?

Karnataka government has mandated the employers to disburse salaries to staffers when quarantined. Read to know more.

The employers in the organized as well as the unorganized sectors have been directed by the Karnataka government that the salary of staffers is disbursed under quarantine because of infection. Also, in order to keep the caseload of state under check, make sure that they are isolated. This comes as a relief to employees who intended to seek more clarity on the quarantine related leave policy of Covid-19.

Full Paid Leave For Quarantined Period & Effective Implementation:-

It has been stipulated by the government that workers who are down with the Covid-19 virus as well as those who are their primary contacts are entitled to be paid full paid leave for the entire duration of being quarantined. Right from the day the state went under lockdown, the order issued by P Ravi Kumar, Chief Secretary was deemed effective. This stays effective for workers of both sectors, organized as well as unorganized.

Effective implementation of the same has been asked by the labor department. There was a public interest litigation which intended to seek directions in order to provide paid quarantine leave to employees those who contracted the virus at factories as well as other establishments. Last year in August itself, The High Court of Karnataka asked the state government to submit a response to the litigation.

Paid Leave In IT :-

We have previously covered earlier that IT firms are cutting salaries for the employees who are quarantined due to being contracted with the virus or the quarantined due to being primary contacts of those infected due to Covid-19.

A petition was filed was (Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate). NITES is India’s one of the biggest IT employee unions and as already raised the issue of 78,000 employees with Chief Minister Office, Labour Minister, Labour Departments and District Magistrate, since the lockdown. Read the story to know more.

Reacting to this development, Harpreet Saluja
President, Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “We have already submitted an official request to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Uddhav Thackeray ji & Labour Minister Shri Dilip Walse Patil ji for taking cognizance of this issue. A lot of employers are deducting salaries of employees who were affected by CoronaVirus and were quarantined. The government and employers should show empathy towards the working class. Already employees are under huge pressure and stress due to job loss and reduced wages. We strongly demand for paid quarantine leaves from employers and government should immediately take appropriate actions to ensure this.”

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