Facebook Removes ‘Like’ Button: ‘Followers’ Is The Only Metrics To Measure Popularity!

On Wednesday, the social media platform, Facebook announced the Redesigning of its pages.

Latest Changes In Facebook

The popular social networking platform informed about the significant change to the Facebook Page experience for creators and public figures. 

These changes include a new look-and-feel, updated navigation, the introduction of a dedicated News Feed, a new Q&A format for engaging fans and other tools and insights.

Like Button Vanished

It is noteworthy here that the news redesign will do away with the “Like” button. 

Now the application is focusing on Followers.

This would be the direct measurement of how many people a Page is currently reaching to.

Latest Changes Rollout

The new experience will officially begin to roll out to all Facebook Pages over the months ahead, according to Facebook. 

One of the biggest changes about the new Page design is that it does away with “Likes.” 

Disappearance Of Like Button

The decision of removing the like button is taken as Likes were misrepresenting a Page’s true popularity. 

In many cases, the Facebook users had once “Liked” a Page, but afterworld unfollowed the Page to remove its updates from their News Feed as they outgrew their interest. 

In some cases, they had “Liked” a Page as a favor to a friend after receiving a request, but afterworld declined to receive its updates.

Significance Of Followers Button

Now, the Followers of a Page will be the metric at the forefront of the new experience. 

According to Facebook, it is a better indication of how many people are fans and receiving updates from the Page.

The other noticeable change is that Pages will get their own News Feed.

 With this implementation, the Page itself can participate in conversations as the public figure or the brand, follow trends and interact with their fans.

 Apart from this, Facebook has a handful of major changes and a few updates on the backend, aimed at those who manage Facebook Pages. 

Facebook also mentioned about the Moderation, being improved. 

It has updated its ability to detect and filter “hate speech comments, violent, sexual, spammy content, impersonator accounts, and phishing.” 

After using the tests, users liked the new, more simplified user interface.

Moreover, they liked the ease of switching between their public and private profiles and Pages, as well as the better ways to engage fans.

The updated Pages will roll out in the “coming months” according to the Facebook. 

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