BJP MP Wants To End Work From Home For IT Employees; Claims It’s Unfair For Other Sectors

BJP MP Wants To End Work From Home For IT Employees; Claims It's Unfair For Other Sectors
BJP MP Wants To End Work From Home For IT Employees; Claims It’s Unfair For Other Sectors

While demanding that ‘work from home’ (WFH) regulations for technology workers should be canceled as it is negatively impacting the business of other sectors,  a senior BJP Member of Parliament, PC Mohan, has stirred up a new controversy reportedly.

Why Should Work From Home Be Cancel?

Here PC Mohan is a three-time MP from Bengaluru Central.

According to him, the state which accounts for nearly a third of the IT exports from the country should cancel the WFH option for tech workers.

Further, he said, “Several other sectors whether it is transportation like cabs, rickshaws, or even the hotel and hospitality sector and real estate maintenance workers are severely impacted because of the WFH option being provided to tech workers. While all other sectors have resumed normal work, why don’t tech workers also contribute their bit in normalizing economic recovery? The spending done by tech workers in cities like Bengaluru is what sustains and enables other sectors and it is unfair that they are doing WFH,”.

He noted that the economy especially in a city like Bengaluru had been hugely impacted since the services provided are not being used by tech workers.

Requesting State For Cancellation Of WFH

Further, Mohan mentioned that he would request CM BS Yediyurappa to talk to the industry so that they would withdraw the work from home option.

“If flights, trains and buses are running at almost full capacity what prevents IT and BT workers from going back to work? Let them take whatever precaution is required but they should resume ‘normal’ working”, Mohan added.

In the case of IT companies, most of them provided the WFH option for their employees till the end of June at least.

What Does The IT Consultant Say?

In response to Mohan’s argument, a senior IT industry consultant, Lakshmi Vishwanath, slammed the MP’s demand saying that the MP’s demand is ludicrous. 

Further, he said, “What the pandemic did was made companies realize that several functions can be permanently done outside the office with even greater efficiency. It is like demanding that we should not use mechanized tools in the construction industry because it will affect the livelihood of some workers. Even now companies will be careful of bringing back their entire workforce to office premises. That model I think is permanently broken,”.

Moreover, Mohan said that he would raise the issue with the state government.

In hopes that the state government would talk to leading technology companies so that they cancel the WFH option for their employees.

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