Full List Of All International Flights From India In January, 2021; UK Flights Start From This Date

List of International Flights From India as well as UK Flights

On May 6, “Vande Bharat Mission” was started by centre to help the individuals via international repatriation flights. This will help those who were stranded due to the novel coronavirus pandemic to reach their destinations.

Under the Vande Bharat Mission, over 12,672 repatriation flights were operated by the Air India Group carrying over 16.84 lakh passengers till December 30, according to the Civil Aviation Ministry.

Out of these 12,672 repatriation flights, 6,339 were outbound flights with 6.55 lakh fliers and 6,333 were inbound flights carrying 10.28 lakh passengers.  

The mission “Vande Bharat” which started on May 6 is currently in Phase 7, will continue until March 28, 2021.

Repatriation international flights schedule for January 1:

Air India schedule for January 1: Ex-India to foreign stations (in local time)

  • AI1336 Bengaluru (01:30) to Singapore (08:20)
  • AI1917 Mumbai (18:40) to Dammam (20:40)
  • AI0951 Hyderabad (22:30) to Dubai (00:30)
  • AI0983 Mumbai (08:30) to Dubai (10:30)
  • AI1931 Delhi (17:45) to Dubai (20:00)
  • AI1965 Delhi (21:40) to Abu Dhabi (23:45)

Air India schedule for January 1: Ex-foreign stations to India (in local time)

  • AI0301 Sydney (10:15) to Delhi (18:05)
  • AI1918 Dammam (21:40) to Mumbai (03:25)
  • AI1984 Dubai (11:30) to Ahmedabad (16:00)

UK Flights:-

On Saturday, Civil Aviation Minister offered more clarification that the flights from India to the UK will restart on 6 January whereas the operations from the UK?to India will resume on 8 January.

Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that 30 flights including 15 each by the Indian and UK carriers will operate each week. He added that the schedule is valid till 23 January.

However, flight operations will be restricted and will only be operated to and from the national capital, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

To curtail the spread of a new Covid-19 strain found in the UK which was considered to 70% more transmissible, the Central Government had last week extended the suspension of flights to and from the UK from 31 December till 7 January.

The Union Health Ministry has said on Friday that there are total 29 number number of the new strain of coronavirus infection cases in the country.

70 flights per week have been operated after both nations resumed flights under the air bubble agreement. However that number has been reduced to only 30 per week. Moreover, it will be revised only after 23 January.

Alongwith UK, there are 23 countries with whom India has bilateral air bubble pacts. These include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Maldives, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ukraine, the UAE, and the US.

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