New iPhone 13 Leaks: Smaller Notch, ToF LiDAR Sensors, Waterproofing

iPhone 13 leaks continue to pour in. The latest renders include the much-awaited small notch and ToF LiDAR sensors for photography. Also, the iPhone 13 devices are said to come with an official waterproofing certification unlike iPhone 12 series. Apple launched iPhone 12 series a few months back, and both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are now being manufactured in India.

iPhone 12 Leak Suggests iPad Pro Like Design
New iPhone 13 Leaks: Smaller Notch, ToF LiDAR Sensors, Waterproofing

The iPhone 12 series consists iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Maxm

While the top-end iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max only came with LiDAR sensors, the iPhone 13 series will have the ToF LiDAR sensor on all the phones. iPhone 13 series launch is in 2021.

Digitimes reported that all the iPhone 13 series phones will come with the ToF LiDAR sensors. iPhone 13 series are said to support Direct Time-of-Flight (D-ToF) technology. The LiDAR sensors will come from US-based company called II-VI, which will an important Apple vendor for their supply chain next year.

The next-generation iPhone models will include VCSEL chips to be used in ToF LiDAR sensors.

The same report also claimed that the iPhone 13 rear-camera setup is said to have more number of holes. So the lenses may not increase, but the number of sensors may see a jump. The iPhone 13 series may have a better 3D sensing module.

Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Tim Long and Thomas O’Malley tipped that iPhone 13 series will come with Wi-Fi 6E. The next generation technology will provide functionalities of Wi-Fi 6 while extending to the 6GHz frequency band. iPhone 13 series will provide higher bandwidth with less interference for Wi-Fi 6E-enabled devices.

Also: iPhone 13 Retail Box Will Now Come Without USB Cable

iPhone 13 retail box will up next give another in-box product a miss. After charger and earphones, Apple is said to be removing the USB cable from iPhone 13 retail box. The Cupertino based tech giant is once again doing a survey for an opinion via a new survey. This time iPhone 13 retail box will not come with the USB cable, as per the reports.

As Apple is trying to cut down on carbon footprint, they have been discarding in-box products one by one.

At the iPhone 12 launch Apple announced they will remove the charging adapter and the EarPods from all the iPhone retail boxes in future. Now they are surveying some users whether they use the charging adapter inside the box.

Apple is once again asking for a similar opinion via a new survey. Probably Apple will now cut off the USB cable which comes within the iPhone box. Among the questions in the survey, Apple also asked if users are satisfied with the FaceID authentication tech. The company is probably working on a few alternatives as well.

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