This Youtuber Earned Rs 2100 Crore In One Year: Top 10 Highest Earning Youtube Stars

This Youtuber Earned Rs 2100 Crore In One Year: Top 10 Highest Earning Youtube Stars

Youtube has become a powerful platform to create influence and earn money simultaneously. Forbes estimated that the platform’s celebrities brought in over $200 million from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020, representing a 30% jump from the previous year.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Youtubers of 2020 as compiled by Forbes.

Jeffree Star

Total Subscribers: 16.9 million

Jeffree Star, is an American entrepreneur, makeup artist, YouTuber, singer, and the founder of his own cosmetic line. In spite of the racist comments and the controversies he is involved in, he still managed to get 600 million views in a year. Apart from $15 million earned from Youtube, he also earns a heavy chunk of money from Jeffree Star Cosmetics which is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion.

David Dobrik

Subscribers: 18 million

Since 2015, when he first started vlogging on Youtube, David Dobrik has done all kinds of antics to make his audience laugh. He has got 2.7 billion views on his videos last year and earned 15.5 million dollars out of it. Apart from the numerous brands that sponsor him he also earns from his original clothing line which goes by the name Clickbait. Dobrik started his career with the video-sharing app Vine in 2013 and is now worth an estimated $7 million.

Blippi (Stevin John)

Subscribers: 27.4 million

With his colourful attire and orange statement glasses, Bippi has made a place in each of the children’s hearts who have watched his videos. He has got a viewership of 8.2 billion on his videos posted last year. Who would have imagined that making educational videos for children will make him a millionaire one day? He has also started his own merchandise line which sells his statement accessories like glasses and beret for children.

Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

Subscribers: 190.6 million

Last year’s debutant, Anastasia Radzinskaya who goes by the name Nastya on Youtube is also the youngest YouTuber who made it into the list. She has 4 different youtube channels to herself all showing her playing and learning numbers with her dad. Her cute squeaky voice, goofy music, and colourful videos are so irresistible that they have got around 39 million views last year.

Preston Arsement

Subscribers: 33.4 million

Preston Arsement makes his viewers live in the virtual world of online games. He has different youtube channels dedicated to different games, for instance, TBNRFrags based on Call of Duty but recently it has been featuring Fortnite. PrestonGamez is dedicated to Roblox while PrestonPlayz contains content related to Minecraft. Preston has 5 such channels other than his main channel through which he earned $19 million last year.

Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

Subscribers: 27.8 million

Markiplier has been consistently breaking down Indie and horror video games for his viewers for eight years. Mark experimented with his content last year by forming a new youtube channel Unus Annus with a fellow gamer CrankGameplays. They posted a video each day for a year on the channel which had 4.58 million subscribers and 867 million views before it was dissolved purposely. He had been very vocal about his plans with the Unus Annus. Viewers also suspected that the channel might be a way to test the limits of Youtube community guidelines.

Rhett and Link

Subscribers: 41.8 million

Rhett and Link are Youtube’s iconic comedy duo hosting the channel Good mythical morning. The duo started their Youtube journey in 2006 and have created songs and raps videos along with comedy sketches. Last year they acquired a comedy sketch youtube channel SMOSH for $10 million. Since then the duo has witnessed around 2 billion views on their videos and earned around $20 million out of them.

Dude Perfect

Subscribers: 57.5 million 

Dude Perfect contains five guys Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney doing stunts with sports equipment as well as household items. The channel is so popular that it is 2nd most subscribed in the sports category. Their trick shot videos got 2.77 billion views last year. Their recent Quarantine classic series has raised around $1.6 million for Red Cross and Feeding America.

Mr. Beast 

Subscribers: 47.8 million

Jimmy Donaldson executes strange yet creative challenges and donations through his youtube channel MrBeast. He started the channel in 2012 when he was 12 years old. His antics were seen by 3 billion viewers last year which amounted to an earning of $24 million.

Ryan Kaji

Subscribers: 41.7 million

This nine-year-old is the highest-paid Youtuber on the list. He started his channel in 2015 after watching a few toy review videos and asking his mother “How come I am not on Youtube when all the other kids are?” Seems like the innocent curiosity of Ryan Kaji has made him a sensation today. His videos contain DIY science experiments and toy reviews made him earn 29.5 million last year. His influence is so enormous that through Ryan’s world products he has become a brand himself.

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