Another Embarrassment For Apple: iOS 14 Users Cannot Receive Texts, WhatsApp Alerts

The bug is causing issues with WhatsApp notifications, receiving texts and even voice call alerts to customers.

Apple is one of the companies who despite being in competitive consumer electronics, computer software and online services space still enjoys a distinguished mind space. They enjoy unparalleled customer loyalty due to constant innovation, happy employees and outstanding customer service.

The “Bug”:-

However, this time around Apple products are in the news due to a “bug” in iOS 14. There are complaints by iPhone users who are on iOS 14 or later versions, about not getting notifications for texts, iMessages, and even WhatsApp messages in some cases. Complaints posted by the affected users on online platforms, including on the Apple Community forums, suggest that the notification issues are impacting almost all iPhone models compatible with iOS 14 and the problem does not seem to be with any single application or a particular generation of iPhone models.

Apple Community forums is seeing a surge in the complaints made by several users about the fact that they aren’t getting notifications for new text messages and iMessages after updating their iPhones to iOS 14. This issue does not affect the delivery of the new message but the notifications including the pop-up notifications and the red badge that keeps a count of the unread messages seems to be failing for some users.

To make the matter worse for Apple, this glitch is not just limited to text messages or iMessages. As some users are complaining that they are not even getting notifications for third-party apps including WhatsApp and Signal. In some cases, voice call alerts are also being affected.

“I am now missing calls and notifications from other apps as well,” one of the affected users wrote on Apple Community forums.

The thread and workarounds:-

The thread on the notification problems, only started in September, was now at 43 pages at the time of filing this story. Some users have also provided workarounds and hacks, such as turning off Messages on a connected Mac or force closing the Messages app. However, it appears that these hacks and workarounds aren’t useful for many affected users.

In addition to the complaints on the Apple Community forums, some users have also taken to Twitter to inform Apple about the problems.

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