iOS 14.3 Update: Rollout Schedule, New Features, Stadia Support, ProRAW Photography And More

The iOS 14.3 update is all ready to be rolled out, and there are some big features incoming. Apple iOS 14.3 will be adding support for the all-new AirPods Max wireless over the ear headphones, Apple Fitness+ subscription service, ProRAW photography mode, new updates for Safari, latest Privacy update on App Store and more.

iOS 14.3 Update: Rollout Schedule, New Features, Stadia Support, ProRAW Photography And More

Apple has already released the iOS 14.3 Release Candidate version. It’s been available for developers and public beta testers.

iOS 14.3 release for iPhones has been confirmed before December 14. It will be unveiled alongside Apple’s Apple Fitness+, the new subscription-based fitness service powered for Apple Watch users.

There’s a lot in the box for iOS 14.3 update which will also introduce the much-awaited ProRAW photography mode wherein you will be able to record videos at 25fps. Apart from ProRAW photography mode, there will be a bunch of updates including Apple TV+, support for the new AirPods Max wireless headphones, updates for Safari and more.

ProRAW Mode, ProRAW Photography

The biggest update with iOS 14.3 update is going to be the ProRAW mode for Apple iPhone 12 Pro cameras. Now you can get the RAW images in much larger file sizes than the standard format of images taken, so you can edit and control the noise with exposure, and Apple will be adding some algorithms which would do that for you.

The ProRAW photos can now be edited within the Photos app on the iPhone. You can record videos at 25fps. iOS 14.3 update also will be adding the mirror option for selfies taken on the older iPhones: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The next addition will be the Apple TV app upgrade with the new Apple TV+ tab. The tab will enable users to discover and watch the content in a more easy manner. It also supports the subscriptions for the streaming platform.

Apple Fitness+ Subscription Service

Coming to Apple Fitness+ subscription service, it will come with iOS 14.3 with watchOS 7.2 update for Apple Watch. The Apple Fitness+ service will work with Apple Watch Series 3 or later versions. The service will have workouts and training sessions with personalized recommendations including video workouts (latest additions every week for ten most popular workout types).

There will be different forms of recommendations for High Intensity Interval Training, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Core, Strength, Dance, Rowing, Treadmill Walking, Treadmill Running and Mindful Cooldown.

The Apple Fitness+ subscription will now be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Other Updates: Safari, Health App, MagSafe Duo Charger

Apart from the major upgrades, there will be updates for the Health app, Weather app, Clips, and Safari. Also, now you can set Ecosia as your default search engine. Plus, you get the new privacy information section for all apps listed on the App Store. iOS 14.3 update will be fixing the MagSafe Duo Charger’s issue where you can iPhone at less than maximum power.

The other updates include Spotlight search, MMS message stability, contact group display and Photos app video playback.

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