Whatsapp’s “Add To Cart” Button Goes Live! Directly Buy Products From Whatsapp Chat (Ecommerce Push)

Whatsapp's "Add To Cart" Button Goes Live! Directly Buy Products From Whatsapp Chat (Ecommerce Push)
Whatsapp’s “Add To Cart” Button Goes Live! Directly Buy Products From Whatsapp Chat (Ecommerce Push)

Last month, we informed you of Whatsapp adding a new ‘Shopping’ button, which aimed at leveraging the instant messaging platform as a one-stop-shop destination for users to discover businesses and their products and make payment for the same, without leaving the platform.Now, in a step to further ease the whole shopping experience, Whatsapp has introduced the ‘Add to Cart’ option on its platform.

Whatsapp Business users can now browse catalogues and products on their Business accounts and then use the ‘Add to Cart’ button to place an order with the business, while starting a conversation with them about the product you are viewing, all under a single roof.

Let’s learn more about this newly added feature.

Whatsapp Adds ‘Add to Cart’ Button for Business Accounts

Over 17.5 crore Whatsapp users message a WhatsApp Business account, each day. Consequently, upto 4 crore users  view a business’ catalog each month, including 3 crore Indians. 

With the newly added ‘Add to Cart’ button on the platform, Whatsapp users can now add multiple items from one merchant to a cart and share it with the seller to place the order directly through the app.

One can also add or remove one product from their carts, just as on any other e-commerce site.

On adding the required items to the cart, users can share it with the seller associated with the WhatsApp Business account, in a single message.

Once the seller confirms the order, you can pay via Whatsapp Pay to complete the order and initiate the delivery process.

How to Use the Cart and Place Order?

Adding Products to Cart

  • On your Whatsapp, go to chat or profile of the business you would like to order from.
  • Tap on the shopping button icon isted next to their name to access their catalog.
  • Now that the catalog has opened, browse through the products and tap on the ones you like.
  • Once you’ve decided your choices, tap on ‘Add to Cart’ on the product(s) you would want to want.
  • Alternatively, you can also tap ‘Message Business’, in case you want to ask a specific question about the product.

Editing Cart

  • You can tap on ‘View Cart’ to see the products you have added to your cart.
  • Shall you need to view other business catalogues too to view and add their products, you may tap on ‘Add More’.
  • You can also edit quantity for each product added to your cart.

Place Order

  • Once you are done updating your cart, you can send it to the seller as a WhatsApp message.
  • You will then be able to see the details of your order by tapping on ‘View Cart’ in the chat window of the seller.
  • You can also edit the message before sending your cart to the seller.
  • Once the seller confirms the order, you can make payment for the same.

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