Google Pay Launches Real-Time Gift Cards In India; Get Rs 500 Discount (How It Works?)

Google Pay Launches Real-Time Gift Cards In India
Google Pay Launches Real-Time Gift Cards In India

Google Pay has now announced the launch of real time digital gift cards. This means that you can now buy and send digital gift cards in real time if you are a Google Pay user.

Read on to find out how the new digital real time gift cards work!

Google Pay To Partner With Qwikcilver To Offer Digital Gift Cards In Real Time

Google Pay is now partnering up with end-to-end gifting company Qwikcilver, which is owned by Pine Labs. also, the customer brand Woohoo has also been listed on Google Pay’s Spot Platform. 

With this, you can now buy digital gift cards and gift them to your friends and family in real time. However, you will need to be a Google Pay user to enjoy this benefit.

As per Qwikcilver, the latest update will offer users the option to choose digital gift cards from more than 150 brands that can be used at offline stores across major online portals and 1500 cities. 

Various brand cards will be offered to users, including Amazon Pay Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Uber E-Gift, and Google Play Gift Code, among others.

How To Send Real Time Digital Gift Cards On Google Pay

The Woohoo virtual gift card store can be accessed on the Google Pay Spot Platform to purchase and send digital cards through Google Pay. On the Google Pay app, the virtual gift card store is accessible if you simply search for “Woohoo”. 

Additionally, the option is also available under the Business tab of the payments app. There also is an introductory offer available wherein Woohoo is offering about Rs. 500 cashback for customers who want to purchase new gift cards through Google Pay.

Once the gift card is purchased, it can be shared directly through the Woohoo virtual store via an email, SMS message, or both. There won’t be any need for customers to sign up on Woohoo separately as the Spot Platform that allows the virtual store to sign in their users through the Google Pay account.

In a statement, Kumar Sudarsan, President – Gift, Prepaid and Stored Value, Pine Labs, has said, “While Qwikcilver has enabled Woohoo digital gift card store as a preferred destination for consumers, the presence on Google Pay will enhance consumer experience to use digital gifting with a click of a button.” 

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