This State Govt Stops Work From Home Employees From Leaving City, Should Be Available On Whatsapp

This State Govt Stops Home Employees From Leaving City, Should Be Available On Whatsapp, Call
This State Govt Stops Home Employees From Leaving City, Should Be Available On Whatsapp, Call
  •  Last week the Delhi government allowed 50% of the employees to work from home.
  • The new guidelines asking employees not to leave the city without permission and to be available in the given time.

Since March, the emergence of coronavirus has changed the dynamics of the work culture. In the past 8-9 months during which the whole was in a lockdown, the rise of the COVID 19 pandemic has normalised work from home.

But now, with industries slowly opening up, the employees are asked to work from offices

again. In this scenario the Delhi government issued some new guidelines for the employees who are still working from home.

What are the guidelines applicable for? 

As a precautionary measure, last week the Delhi government issued an order to prepare

fresh schedules and allow 50% of the employees to work from home till the end of this year i.e., 31 December. 

Now the Delhi government has announced some guidelines for these 50% employees who are going to work from home.

These guidelines are applicable only to the departments which are not directly engaged with COVID-19. They are not applicable for bureaucrats and employees who are doing duties related to COVID-19.

What is mentioned in the guidelines?

Though WFH is allowed for half of the employees, the guidelines have made it mandatory

for them to be available at any given time. The employee will have to always answer work related calls, texts, emails and WhatsApp. The employee can also be called to the office if required. 

The new circular also mentions that employees are not allowed to leave the capital city

of Delhi without any prior written permission from their officials. Even if an employee asks for permission to leave the town, it will be granted to them only in the case of emergencies.

The motive behind the Kejriwal government circulating these guidelines unexpectedly

is still not clear. But it is speculated that the guidelines may be a result of a past incident. The notice released seems fair to regulate that each and every employee is working as sincerely as he/she would in office.

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