This Is How The Owner Of MDH, A Refugee, Created A Rs 2000 Crore Spices Empire

This Is How The Owner Of MDH, A Refugee, Created A Rs 2000 Crore Spices Empire
This Is How The Owner Of MDH, A Refugee, Created A Rs 2000 Crore Spices Empire

Founder of MDH Spices: ‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati has expired at 98 years of age.

He was a refugee, who entered India in 1947, and built a spices empire from scratch, which generated Rs 2000 crore of operating income this year.

How exactly he did this?

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RIP ‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati: The Face Of MDH Masale

MDH Masale (Mahashian Di Hatti Private Limited) is India’s 2nd biggest spices brand, and controls 12-14% of the market share.

The founder and owner of MDH: ‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati has expired today (November 3rd) at New Dehi.

He suffered a heart attack, and was under hospitalization since last two weeks.

‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati was the brand ambassador, and the face of MDH spices, and created a legacy from scratch.

This Is How ‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati Created A Spices Empire

‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati was born in 1923 at Sialkot, now in Pakistan.

At 17 years of age, after partition, he entered India along with his family, and lived at refugee camps.

He sold soaps, clothes, furniture etc to survive, and even operated a horse carriage to make ends meet.

Gradually, he started focussing on his family business, which was selling red chillies.

He gradually opened up a small road side shop at the famous Karol Bagh market, and gradually, people started knowing him.

With a small capital, he opened up a new shop at Chandni Chowk, and then opened a factory at Kirti Nagar area in New Delhi.

Slowly, diligently, he created his brand of MDH Masale, and expanded pan-India.

MDH operates 15 factories as of now, and sells 64 different kinds of masale which include Chunky Chaat Masala, Meat Masala, Kasoori Methi, Garam Masala, Rajmah Masala, Shahi Paneer Masala, Dal Makhani Masala, Sabzi Masala.

His raw material is imported from as far as Iran and Afganistan and his products are sold to more than 100 countries.

In 2020, MDH reported operating income of Rs 2000 crore, and net income of Rs 420 crore.

They control 12 % market share right now in India, only behind Everest Masale.

A true legend, and hustler, ‘Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati will be an inspiration for all entrepreneurs in India.


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