Bengaluru to San Francisco Is Air India’s Longest Non-Stop Flight: 14,000 Kms In 16 Hours

Bengaluru to San Francisco Is Air India's Longest, Non-Stop Flight: 14,000 Kms In 16 Hours
Bengaluru to San Francisco Is Air India’s Longest, Non-Stop Flight: 14,000 Kms In 16 Hours

If you are a techie or a businessman based in Bangalore or nearby region and make frequent visits to the Silicon Valley for work, then most probably after hearing this news tears of ecstasy roll down your cheeks.

Bengaluru and San Francisco which are joined at the hip due to technology will soon be having a dedicated direct flight.

Air India has announced the first direct flight service between Bengaluru and San Francisco which is going to connect the two Silicon Valleys of the world like never before. India’s national carrier has announced the direct flight between the two tech hubs, scheduled to commence from next year January 11(2021).

Connecting Two Silicon Valleys: Why Is It Important?

San Francisco and Bengaluru are amongst the two of World’s top 45 digitally advanced cities. This direct flight will not just enhance the people exchange between the Original Silicon Valley & Silicon Valley of India but also will turn out to be a landmark for Kewpegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. This will act as a new gateway to India and if experts are to be believed will turn out to be the busiest and profitable international routes from Bengaluru.

While this opens up new opportunities for business as well as leisure travelers, this route will see more corporate traffic traveling than VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) traffic. A direct flight to the US via Bengaluru is going to be a huge market.

Flying To The Valley Made Easy

Many techies traveling to the Silicon Valley would previously had to take connecting flights as there was no direct flight. People had to travel to the US via hubs in Europe, Gulf and Southeast Asia. Traveling to US meant stopping at either Dubai or Singapore or London or Frankfurt. But now the direct flight shall tremendously enable faster as well as easier access to the West Coast of the United States.

This new twice a week non-stop service with a 238-seater Boeing B777-200 LR aircraft will set world records:-

1.     It will be Air India’s longest route at 14000+ km (8698 miles)

2.     This 16 hour flight will be longest flight to and from India

3.     It will be the third in the ranking of longest routes operated by all carriers

These flights are being operated under an air bubble between the two nations as the other scheduled international flights remain suspended.

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