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Xiaomi Sets New Record By Selling 1.3 Cr Phones, TVs During Diwali; Realme Sold 63 Lakh Phones

Xiaomi Sets New Record By Selling 1.3 Cr Phones, TVs During Diwali; Realme Sold 63 Lakh Phones

It’s almost the end of the year 2020 and so far it has been a really difficult year for most of the industries including the smartphone. 

Spread of the Covid-19 followed by the lockdowns has caused a disruption to supply and manufacturing chains.

Further ensuring that phone makers have had to deal with a slump in phone sales. 

In the middle of such times, festive seasons have come as a fresh breath of air for phone makers who have reported a record number of sales during this period.

Xiaomi Sales Update

During this festive season, Xiaomi India has announced that it sold over 13 million devices during this time. 

According to the company, it has sold over 9 million smartphones during the festive sales.

The sale included models like Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi 9 Prime Redmi 9,Mi 10T Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Redmi 9A amongst others.

Apart from smartphones, Xiaomi also witnessed a significant demand for ecosystem products during festive sales.

It has sold over 4 million devices across categories such as TVs, streaming devices, smart bands, trimmers, audio products, power banks etc.

Further revealing, it said that the freshly launched products such as Mi Watch Revolve, Mi Smart Speaker ranked amongst the best sellers for the brand during festival season.

On the other hand, Mi Box 4k and Mi TV Stick remains to be the top-selling streaming devices across Amazon and Flipkart.

Realme Increased Sales

Realme mentioned that it witnessed a 20% increase in smartphone sales during this festive season in India on Wednesday. 

Adding to that, the company informed about its sale of more than 6.3 million smartphones in India amiest the festive season.

In addition to that, it has also sold over 8.3 million smart home devices to customers in India. 

During the Realme Festive Days sale, they have sold over 1,90,000 units of the Realme smart TV, over 3,50,000 units of smart wearables and over 1.25 million units of audio products additionally.

 This was part of the Realme Festive Days sale,  which started on October 16 and it went on until October 21.

Thye smartphone shipments grew 9% year-on-year, hitting the  53 million units mark in the third quarter of the year, as per the records. 

So far, this is the highest smartphone shipment recorded in India in a quarter, further indicating a better recovery in the country.

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