Air Purifiers Kill Coronavirus? 5 Important Things About Air Purifiers

Winter’s here. The weather is growing colder, and the air outside will soon see one of the worst quality indexes. But this year is different. We have Coronavirus outside. The virus is still here, and with immunity being vulnerable is this weather, we need to be very cautious about the air.

Air Purifiers Kill Coronavirus? 5 Important Things About Air Purifiers

With air purifier sales growing, can it actually kill Coronavirus?

Not only outside, gatherings in private spaces could be sparking new outbreaks. Winters means more cold and flu cases, and hence it will fuel up potential for a Covid-19 surge in months of November to January in India. But can air purifiers save you against Coronavirus at closed spaces?

Air Purifiers Kill Coronavirus?

Air quality stays in the worst levels during winter in India. With pollution making the situation worse, we have Coronavirus this year. While you can create a healthy environment inside with air purifiers, but will they kill the virus in the air? In short, the HEPA air purifiers can’t kill Coronavirus.

Most of the air purifiers sold in India in the budget category come with the HEPA filters.

There are multiple affordable air purifiers available under Rs 10,000 in India from popular brands like Mi, Philips, Dyson, Havells, Sharp, and such.

With the worsening air quality, it’s worth going for an air purifier if you stay in a city or town. Pollution has taken over the air quality, but you can at least create a healthy environment inside the house. 

But the HEPA air purifiers can’t kill the virus. UV air purifiers can only kill the Coronavirus, but that’s not even 100 percent guaranteed. So whether you are wondering if air purifiers are effective enough against the coronavirus, it is actually not.

Though, clean air can definitely help to keep the virus away. So, cleaner is the air, the lesser are chances of transmission of any kind of viruses in the air. Coronavirus and other flu viruses being airborne, you can maintain a healthy environment inside the home by actively removing the air contaminants.

So, How To Kill Coronavirus Inside Close Spaces?

You can create a safe indoor environment amid the pandemic with a set of rules. Already confirmed by the government, we can make the air safe with ventilation. So proper ventilation is one key to having a healthy flow of air inside the house. 

If you own a HEPA air filter, they are not 100 percent effective in killing viruses in a single go, but can kill the viruses and bacteria if they’re kept on for longer periods. 

UV light air purifiers can actively viruses including COVID-19 and ensure virus-free air upto 99.9 percent.

You need to understand that viruses are floating particles, so they can move in the air. So if you clean a section of air in a space, new dirty air can move in. So the air has to be cleaned continuously and with more people in a space, the chances of contamination is high.

While air purifiers may not kill the virus directly, it can help cleaning the air to get rid of the virus. To further improve the overall indoor air quality at home, make sure you there’s proper ventilation in the room time to time to increase air circulation and also replace the filters frequently. Maintain social distance, wear masks and properly sanitise.

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