8 Ways ColorOS Help You Become More Productive With Optimal Work-Life Balance

ColorOS Helps You Become More Productive With Optimal Work-Life Balance: 8 Reasons
ColorOS Helps You Become More Productive With Optimal Work-Life Balance: 8 Reasons

The bad news is time flies, but the good news is you’re the pilot.

We all agree nowadays smartphones have become the quintessential tool for everyone, especially with work from home becoming a common norm. The trouble is that we end up mixing our work and personal data on the smartphone more often or not.

Thankfully, smartphone operating systems like ColorOS have taken note of this issue, and it offers several handy features to ensure a work-life balance for its users. 

Find out how it helps to manage the perfect Work-Life Balance- 

  • ColorOS 11 also takes the privacy features offered by Google on Android 11 and improves them to benefit the users while adding its own set of features for privacy and data security.
  • Amongst the various features, the most prominent one on ColorOS 11 is the Private System, which will be available soon. It allows the user to create a second private space on the phone where apps and information is independent of the main space.
  • ColorOS helps easily segregate your personal apps/information and work apps/information on the same device. Moreover, you can lock the second private space with your fingerprint or a password so that no one can access anything related to your work without your permission.
  • You can also hide access to the second private space to keep it away from prying eyes. With a Private System, you can easily maintain a work-life balance without having to worry about mixing the two by accident.
  • Another feature that further strengthens privacy on ColorOS 11 is scoped storage. Scoped Storage limits the apps not to access personal data like photos, videos, downloaded documents and audio stored on the phone and if an app tries to access this data, it would have to require user permission, so you can quickly identify which apps are trying to access your personal information and decline the information to be shared with any of your work applications.
  • For protecting the information in particular apps, ColorOS 11 offers a new shortcut to App Lock. Using this feature, users can lock any app or multiple apps of their choice with a password, fingerprint or facial lock, ensuring the utmost security for work-related apps to not be accessible without permission. 
  • Features taken from Android 11 that have come on ColorOS 11 include one-time permission and auto reset permission. Permission systems have been re-worked for ColorOS 11 to provide greater control for the user so that they can maintain a work-life balance.
  • The auto-reset permission feature in ColorOS 11 ensures that granted permission for apps is revoked and set to default if they have not been used over a long period of time.

Life, as we know, consists of family, friends, health, love, career, enjoyment, and more. Undoubtedly, balancing all of them is a stressful responsibility. It involves a mixture of time management, dedication, and, most importantly, prioritization. Here comes the concept of work life balance where we get the idea that we need both work and the other aspects of life to be happier. Concluding this, adding the new security and privacy features along with the robust performance, tweaks has made ColorOS 11 on OPPO devices the best option for smartphone users who want to strike a balance between their work and personal life.

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