Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta Drivers Claim Sudden Brake Failure Which Can’t Be Repaired! This Is Dangerous..

Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta Drivers Claim Sudden Brake Failure Which Can't Be Repaired! This Is Dangerous..
Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta Drivers Claim Sudden Brake Failure Which Can’t Be Repaired! This Is Dangerous..

If you are an owner of the best-selling Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos cars, or planning to buy one, then this is something you should definitely read, and take up with the company.

Several owners of the Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta cars have complained about a brake failure issue in their cars. What’s even more dangerous is that this issue is apparently irreparable.

Multiple threads on Team-BHP have brought the major issue to our notice. Team-BHP is considered a reputed, and leading community of auto-enthusiasts, and the claims made on this forum is not taken lightly, since they are backed by evidence and community support.

This is not the first time that Kia and Hyundai have encountered issues with their cars. It was only last month that Hyundai and Kia were reported to have called back more than 600,000 vehicles for an issue about a brake fluid leak in the cars.

Read on to find out all the issues that Team-BHP users have pointed out about the Seltos and Creta right here!

Kia Seltos Owners Complain Of Brake Failure; Service Centres Couldnt Determine Why?

One community member on Team-BHP has relayed his experience – he was travelling in his Kia Seltos at 60kmph but slowed down when he saw a red light. Then, he stepped on the clutch to downgrade to the lower gear, after which he pressed the brake but found that the brake wasn’t working at all.

As per the user, the brake “pedal felt like a hard wood with no movement or play.” 

The driver had to revert to pulling the handbrake in order to stall the car at the red light. Next, when he pulled the car to the side of the road, stopped and restarted it again, the brake was working normally.

On taking the car to show it to the service centre, he was told that there is nothing wrong with the car! After some time, the problem with the brakes resurfaced; this time he was able to stop the car with the handbrake as he was driving only at 30-35 kmph.

As per the thread, the car is now being evaluated by Kia. Also, two more similar cases have been reported by other owners of Kia Seltos. 

This is a grave issue, one that is extremely dangerous to the owners of the car, as correctly assumed by the Team-BHP user – What if the car was at a speed of 100 kmph or so, and the owner wasn’t able to control the speed? 

Hyundai Creta Owners Report Similar Brake Failure Issues

A Hyundai Creta owner has also reported an issue with the car on Team-BHP – apparently, he lost traction while taking U-turns. He said that the traction light blinked and he also noticed that the wheels were slipping. Also, he observed that this happened a couple of times. 

He was surprised to see this happen as he had changed the tyres recently.

Another time he noticed another issue was when the ABS and traction control light lit for about 30 seconds. He kept the car running and referred to the manual, which stated that driving can be continued, and normal braking would be unaffected.

However, after a few days, he had a horrible experience. During peak traffic, while the car was “crawling along”, he had to halt due to the traffic coming to a stop. However, he was shocked the find that the brakes had stopped working and seemed like a rock, as if there was a brick under the braking pedal. Also, there was a loud grinding noise which he noted as the ABS. 

He noted that there was no warning of any sort on the instrument cluster, therefore he had to swiftly move the car to the left so as to ensure that there was minimal damage to the front of the car. The collision was inevitable, and he hit the car in the front. 

On consulting with the service centre, he was told that the faulty ABS sensor was to be blamed for this. However, it’s quite hard to believe that an electronic error would lead to a mechanical error. 

When they fixed the two faulty ABS sensors, the issue seems to have been fixed.

But despite this, the company needs to take care of the faulty sensors so that nothing like this ever happens again. 

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