4 Critical Work From Home Tips Shared By Microsoft CEO Can Be Gamechanger

4 Critical Work From Home Tips Shared By Microsoft CEO Can Be Gamechanger
4 Critical Work From Home Tips Shared By Microsoft CEO Can Be Gamechanger

At the recent WSJ CEO Council hosted online, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared his thoughts on virtual meetings, social connections, and how time management & discipline are important when working from home. 

Nadella said, “You need to plan more and better if you are working from home.”

Here are some tips the Microsoft CEO shared about being efficient, productive, and making your WFH life easy…

I. Micro-Plan Your Day

The first step is to figure out your work timings. After that make a schedule and plan to the minute details. Plan your meal breaks and don’t schedule your meetings at that time. This will aid in sticking to your work schedule. Fixing time limits for meetings will also help in avoiding burnout. 

II. Brief Video Conferences

Video conferencing is a crucial part of daily routines as they aid in establishing social connections, as per Nadella.  Brief video meetings to catch up with everyone on the team is important for this.

Having a meeting to plan what the meeting will be about is a bad idea, says Nadella. Sticking to a pre-planned agenda along with time limits is important. The meeting can be followed up with emails or another short video conference at a later time. Time limit is important as people might have other meetings to attend and delay in one meeting can affect the other and the cycle is endless.

Planning and making the virtual meetings on point are key aspects to make them short and sweet. 

III. Give Your Mind Some Charging Time

Prepare yourself for the next meeting. Grab a cup of coffee before a meeting to free up your mind as you used to in the pre-pandemic office culture. 

You should also have a dedicated transition time between meetings, Nadella explained.  Having back-to-back meetings may cause a loss in productivity over time. 

IV. Stay Away From Your Smartphone

It is important to stay away from distractions caused by notifications on smartphones, says Nadella. Exposure to a lot of screen time can cause fatigue.  

“You need to allocate your attention better,” he said. Nadella often silences his mobile phone notifications and resorts to deep reading sessions.

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